Pay the house contribution, with small-credits online

House contribution with online small-credits You can pay the receipt of the house contribution with online small-credits . But, before telling you how, let’s explain what this is. We start

Credit agreement – what do we need to know before signing?

Undoubtedly, when deciding on a cash loan, we must be aware that we have been bonding with the bank for several months, or even for a few years. Therefore, before

Business loan: normal or digital?

Since this week, entrepreneurs have another source of money: Bank has also set up a digital lending club. Via the Fund website, the bank offers loans for smaller entrepreneurs who

Mini Loan with Wajong

Can you apply for a mini-loan with a Wajong benefit or is that impossible. There are more than 200,000 people in the Netherlands who are dependent on Wajong benefits, but the question remains whether this large group of people can take out a loan in one way or another, and Continue Reading

Auto loan at 3.50% at Fast Bank

In recent weeks announcements of financial organizations have followed one another to announce the conditions of car and motorcycle loans during the period of the DC Motor Show 2016. So far, the good news was reserved for new vehicles. As a reminder, recent used cars are similar to the same Continue Reading