Auto loan at 3.50% at Fast Bank

In recent weeks announcements of financial organizations have followed one another to announce the conditions of car and motorcycle loans during the period of the DC Motor Show 2016. So far, the good news was reserved for new vehicles. As a reminder, recent used cars are similar to the same conditions as new cars. A “recent occasion” is considered to be a car having less than 2 years or 3 years depending on the specific conditions of each organization.

Recent rate cuts for new vehicles

Recent rate cuts for new vehicles

Here are the latest announcements regarding rate decreases for car and motorcycle loans:

  • The BNP Paribas Fortis vehicle loan rate fell further
  • Car Credit at 1.95% at Creditpolis during the 2016 DC Auto Show
  • A 0.99% rate for a car loan … never seen!
  • Decrease in rates for the new car loan at Fast Bank and ABC

For an exhaustive information, find all the news of car and motorcycle loans on Lender.

Today, it is the used car credit that is honored at Fast Bank

auto loan

The second-hand car market will also peak in January. And Fast Bank has understood because from January 13, 2016, it is possible to subscribe to a car loan with a APR of 3.50% . By used car, we mean in this case a car over 3 years.

This is a very interesting rate and compared to the APR, Fast Bank ranks first in the simulation of used car loans of Lender.

But that’s not all, the credits for new cars and motorcycles are not left out. The latter will benefit from a 1.80% APR from today at FAST Bank.

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