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House contribution with online small-credits

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You can pay the receipt of the house contribution with online small-credits . But, before telling you how, let’s explain what this is. We start from the basis that to citizens in general, this is to give us a headache. Not precisely because we don’t want to pay them, but, in many cases, we can’t do it. The causes are more than obvious. But it is that when it comes to the receipt of the urban contribution, or what is the same as the IBI (Real Estate Tax), the problem is even greater, since it is one of the taxes that costs the most to pay due to its amount

The IBI is a tax that is paid to the city council. Therefore, it is the responsibility of this to stipulate the fees. In general terms, we can say that the town halls have more or less high rates depending on the number of inhabitants it contemplates, the geographical situation in which it is located, the age of the building, whether it is a provincial capital or an Autonomous Community , etc.

Online small-credits are one of the excellent options

Online&nbsp;small-credits are one of the excellent options

Apart from this, each owner will pay more or less of contribution according to the catrastral value of each house, to which the lien must be added. Keep in mind that there are certain bonuses for this tax, yes, these will depend on what each city council estimates.

There are also some properties that are exempt, such as: the church, buildings listed as historical heritage, Red Cross properties, etc.

Certain municipalities, rather the majority of them, already divide the IBI to facilitate their payment to citizens. However, despite this facility, there are those who still find it virtually impossible to deal with this tax.

Therefore, online small-credits are one of the excellent options that exist and serve to help us cope with payments of this type. The good thing about this type of financial solution is that, since the receipt arrives and a payment date is indicated, we can request it. Doing so is not only easy, but we also have a good chance of being granted and that we have the money in our account in a matter of hours. And our contribution will be paid.

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Credit agreement – what do we need to know before signing? Tue, 08 Oct 2019 23:48:08 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Undoubtedly, when deciding on a cash loan, we must be aware that we have been bonding with the bank for several months, or even for a few years. Therefore, before signing any document or contract, we should first of all read them very carefully, and then if we do not understand something, in a conversation with a financial advisor, we should dispel all our doubts.

Unfortunately, as reality shows, few of us read the content of the loan agreement before signing it. Few Poles also check fees and commissions and read text written in a small print. Few also try to dispel their fears and doubts by asking a bank employee what this or other concept means.

Then we are surprised, we blame the bank, try to explain or make a complaint when we feel cheated by the bank or its employee. The number of complaints received by financial companies is huge. Of many several hundred thousand complaints, and almost half were resolved in favor of the borrower.

The majority of complaints in favor of customers are settled by payment intermediaries.

Therefore, to avoid problems, you should read the most frequently asked questions about loans.


Why am I entered into the BIK after signing the cash loan agreement?

Numerous credit inquiries reduce our credit standing

Everyone who signs the loan agreement is entered into the BIK. Therefore, by signing the loan agreement, we agree to the processing of personal data by BIK. If we pay the loan on time or in arrears, banks have access to our credit history. BIK is a collection of all information about borrowers.


How long is the data processed by BIK?

The data is kept in BIK for 5 years. Of course, we can at any time request the deletion of data, or the introduction of correction, in the case of:

  1. withdrawal of consent to the processing of data on loans already repaid,
  2. when 5 years have passed since the loan was repaid,
  3. when our credit history contains outdated data.

With the request to delete or correct our personal data in BIK, we must go to the financial institution in which we incurred the financial commitment.


Numerous credit inquiries reduce our credit standing

credit score

All credit inquiries are recorded in BIK, which reduce our credit standing. By submitting a lot of inquiries to many banks, the client exposes himself to a decrease in his creditworthiness.

Therefore, applications should be submitted to a maximum of two banks at the same time. If we do not receive a positive decision on granting the loan, it is good to suspend the submission of subsequent applications for some time.


Can I opt out of the loan?

The customer has such a right within 2 weeks of signing the contract. He does not have to state the reason for the resignation (withdrawal) from the loan. In order for the withdrawal to be effective, the customer must provide the bank with a statement of withdrawal. This can be done at a bank outlet or by registered mail. Within one month of resignation, the customer must repay the entire amount borrowed.


Can I suspend loan repayment?

credit debt

Any customer can submit an application for suspension of cash loan repayment. However, we must remember that banks approach each such case individually.


Can I repay the loan faster?

The customer has the right to faster repayment of the loan before the period for which the loan agreement was concluded. However, it is worth checking first whether such early repayment can pay off.


The difference between the amount of the commitment and the amount paid?

payment loan

The amount with a cash loan is reduced by additional costs that the customer must repay, e.g. insurance costs, commissions. The amount of money paid depends on the way we chose to pay off these costs.


Cancellation of credit insurance during the contract

The customer may opt out of additional credit insurance at any time during the loan agreement. However, we must remember that this may involve additional costs.


Am I obliged to repay a loan taken out by my spouse?

Am I obliged to repay a loan taken out by my spouse?

This is a contentious issue, because it all depends on whether the spouses have a property community. If the loan was taken without the knowledge of the wife or husband and the family’s current expenses were not issued, it may not be repaid.


Can credit insurance be resumed without our knowledge?

When signing a loan agreement, we should first of all check the conditions of its insurance, what will be the financial cost of such insurance. The insurance is usually concluded for a year and may be continued for another period, not longer than until the end of the loan agreement.

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Ace cash express online payday loan -Are you looking for new online payday loans? Thu, 12 Sep 2019 16:26:50 +0000 Continue Reading]]> It’s not easy to own a small business. Continually you have to make difficult and difficult decisions that may affect the future of the business. It is always tempting for you to play with caution without taking too much risk, but unfortunately, you will find that your business is not growing at the pace you would like. Keeping the status quo can help you survive, but to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself, there may be a need for change.

Are you looking for new online payday loans?

It is normal for you to feel comfortable with the current situation of your business, even if you originally planned a more spectacular growth. In most cases, all that a company really needs is an influx of capital to help achieve the desired growth and goals. A new online payday loan at is a great way for you to get a quick buck if it has an opportunity. The important thing is to plan. Before thinking about the expansion of the business, you must first make sure you have a solid business plan. Getting a loan is a serious commitment and using it badly will hurt your business. Having a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it will make the adventure a lot easier.

How to use a commercial loan to start growing your business

1. Increase your advertising budget

Even though as a business owner you often have to take on multiple roles, that does not necessarily make you a marketing expert. Advertising requires a lot of attempts, adjustments, and re-starts. It takes time and probably you do not have a lot of it. Every business has special marketing needs, but the article by Entrepreneur offers some excellent and fast strategies that could help any small business. Not only do additional funds allow you to advertise more, but they allow you to do so with the means you had to give up before.

2. Target different neighborhoods nearby

Although it is sort of an extension of advertising spends, the end goal is different. Depending on the geodemography of your company, you may focus too much exclusively on your immediate environment, that is, too much locally. It is quite possible that you have potential customers looking for you, just outside your restricted area of ​​interest. People are ready to move to have quality. If you offer a great product or a special or exceptional service, these customers will knock on your door, but only if you know your existence. Using some of the advertising methods we introduced in the last section, target the areas around you. We’d recommend Facebook or a simple campaign in AdWords as a starting point since they make it easier for small businesses to geo-target.

3. Develop your business

Another reason that can slow down your development is that you can only grow inside your space. This is a big problem, but relatively easy to solve. With the capital from a loan, you can finance renovations. We have already studied in depth the subject of financing renovation renovations in detail.

You may not be able to make changes to your local due to lease conditions, permits, etc. So why not explore the idea of ​​enlargement? Once you’ve done everything you can in one place, the next logical step is to add another room. A second location (and maybe even a third one!) Is a fantastic way to cover more land and reach some of these new markets we talked about earlier.

4. Develop without physically expanding

Sometimes there is simply no question of making physical changes to a site or adding new premises. Never mind, do not let this problem stop you. Increasing your staff can enable you to offer new and improved services. Services like delivery, home consultations, etc. could significantly improve your services and positively change the perception of your customers vis-à-vis your company. For a small business that is growing, it’s hard to figure out exactly when it’s time to increase spending by adding a new employee. That’s why we offer you a short “guide” to help you make your decision.

For more suggestions on how to grow your business or get an online loan today, check out our product pages. It’s hard enough to own a small business, without having to struggle with the lenders. That’s why we make it easy for small businesses to get an online loan. The owners can thus devote all their attention and their energy to the development of their business.

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Business loan: normal or digital? Tue, 06 Aug 2019 05:30:10 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Since this week, entrepreneurs have another source of money: Bank has also set up a digital lending club. Via the Fund website, the bank offers loans for smaller entrepreneurs who want to borrow money quickly and easily.

Take out an online loan for entrepreneurs

Take out an online loan for entrepreneurs

Rabo’s step is not unique: ABC Lender the way when it launched the New10 credit site almost two years ago. ING has chosen a different route with a kind of marketplace for SME loans: Funding Options. In addition to the major banks, there are also various independent fintech companies that offer entrepreneurs loans online.

Not entirely digital

Not entirely digital

Incidentally, the credit provision at Fundr does not go entirely online. The largest part is, but in the end there is always a video call in which the Fundr offer is discussed. Rabo says about that: “Business financing is not buying half a tan. Our customers have indicated that they do not like a 100% digital process.”

100% digital process not pleasant?

The latter, I doubt that by the way. I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are happy to take out their loan 100% digitally. Anyway, there will be reasons for wanting to talk to the entrepreneur and I understand that.

Can the offer be withdrawn?

I am curious how it works if the account manager gets doubts about the credit during that telephone conversation. An offer has already been made via e-mail, so can the bank return? There is no agreement yet but there is an offer … my estimate is that there will still be a reservation somewhere in or below the offer.

Digital or just business loans

Digital or just business loans

In a while we will probably understand the ‘normal working method’ as the digital working method, that could be. But we are not there yet.

Just borrow for business

The only thing left to do is knock on the door of a bank – you know, with an appointment at a bank branch – and deliver a lot of documents. Those documents are studied extensively by the account manager and then you get an offer – or not.

Digital business credit

It is all much easier and faster digitally. You have to deliver far fewer pieces and know in no time where you stand: how much you can borrow and at what rate.

The requirements are less strict, so you are more likely to be eligible for a loan. Then the money is also super fast on your account, all sounds ideal right?

Online business loans = more expensive

Why would there be another entrepreneur who just goes to his bank to borrow money? Very simple: the online credits are more expensive. The interest and costs are often considerably higher than with a credit through the bank branch.

Fintech lenders are doing well

Nevertheless, the online initiatives are going well: New10 has already provided more than 1,000 business loans in the first two years of its existence. And then New10 is by no means the only lender you can go to as an entrepreneur.

Only rejected applicants?

Will that only be entrepreneurs who were unable to manage at the bank through the normal way? I do not think so. The convenience of online and fast is worth a lot – certainly for an entrepreneur who assumes that he will make more profit quickly with the borrowed money and can therefore repay the credit quickly. He then takes the higher costs to the bargain.

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Request your Seetech Loan for Individuals and Companies Fri, 26 Jul 2019 06:05:31 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

If you want an alternative to bank loans and loans, Seetech can compare and select the best options in the market. Seetechs de lending (direct lending companies to individuals) grant money to increasingly competitive rates with respect to the credit of traditional banks; analyze the conditions offered in terms of commissions, interests and repayment term and find the one that best suits your needs and possibilities.

Another alternative of credit is to go to crowdlending portals, which will allow you to access a multitude of potential lenders who will decide if they leave you the money collectively, although in practice you will receive the money as if you only had one creditor to return it to. Access new short and long-term personal loans or mortgages to buy a house or finance other Seetech family projects.


Collective donations


With the crowdfunding of donations or donation-based crowdfunding you can show how your NGO or non-profit association helps to improve the world and the life of its inhabitants and find thousands of people and organizations willing to donate part of their resources so that you can achieve your altruistic goals.



Offer rewards for your project

Offer rewards for your project

If you are an artist, writer or creator of all kinds, you no longer have to rely on a single patron: Finn will find all the crowdfunding options of reward or reward based crowdfunding so that individuals or companies are your mass patrons in exchange for some Reward: the best tickets to your cultural show, a signed copy of your work, being able to chat directly with you or any other reward for people who believe in your creativity.



Business financing

Business financing

Compare, filter, study and analyze in depth the different lending and crowdlending offers for start-up and newly created companies Finn and find the business credit you were looking for for your business. If you prefer partners to lenders, capital crowdfunding or equity-based crowdfunding is a great way to obtain the necessary funds for your new idea or business. If you believe in your project, offer it to hundreds or thousands of partners so that they can invest collectively betting on its success.

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Mini Loan with Wajong Sat, 29 Jun 2019 05:50:41 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Can you apply for a mini-loan with a Wajong benefit or is that impossible. There are more than 200,000 people in the Netherlands who are dependent on Wajong benefits, but the question remains whether this large group of people can take out a loan in one way or another, and if so, are they eligible for a revolving credit or a mortgage, or are they dependent on borrowing a small amount with a so-called mini loan or an advance. With the latter option you can quickly borrow an amount of up to 800 euros, but know that you have to pay off a flash loan again quickly, so the ‘flash’ does not only mean quick, but also quick repayment.


Mini loan with Wajong


If we look at the Wajong Guide, we see that it is a benefit that is generally granted to young people who, because of their health, cannot fully participate in the labor market. It is actually more income support than a benefit as meant by a social assistance benefit. You must comply with strict rules to be able to use them for a long time. But I wander and would rather talk about the possibilities for applying for a loan in general and a mini loan in particular. How can you ensure that you still qualify for a loan in any form?


Borrow small amount without bkr

Borrow small amount without bkr

A mini loan is basically a credit that can be successfully applied for by almost everyone, but you must of course meet a number of conditions. For example, you must have a regular income of around 900 euros net per month, live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch bank account number and a Dutch mobile phone. If you do not meet the income requirement of 900 euros per month for applying for an advance, you can possibly ask your partner to act as a guarantor, or possibly apply for the mini credit for you, in which case you then give the partner back the amount owed later . The advantage of the advance is that no BKR review is performed, so you can borrow money without BKR.


Borrow money with benefits

Borrow money with benefits

It appears from various studies that it is becoming increasingly difficult to apply for a loan while you are receiving benefits, including unemployment benefits, WIA, WAZ, disability, disability insurance, IOAZ and so there are several benefits to be found who are nevertheless eligible for one or another loan. The fact remains that with a benefit you have a regular income guaranteed by the Dutch state, so you would say that it offers more security than a permanent contract with an employer, after all, this employer can go bankrupt tomorrow and your income will also keep on.


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How to have the best rate for a home loan buyback? Fri, 21 Jun 2019 05:29:28 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The repurchase of mortgage allows to subscribe to a new home loan in a bank or a credit organization, in order to settle the existing one. This operation is carried out by many borrowers because it gives the possibility of finding finances more comfortable, for example by lowering the amount of the monthly payment. It also makes it possible to include in the financial structure of the buy-out, additional cash and sometimes consumer loans (provided that the share of real estate to be bought back is equal to or greater than 60%). To obtain a repurchase of mortgage at the best rate, there are solutions, including online simulation tools, and several criteria that will be taken into consideration.

Some notions about rates in a credit surrender

Some notions about rates in a credit surrender

A successful credit redemption is not necessarily the one that gets the best rate, even if this criterion is important. If the borrower can not cope with a monthly payment too heavy, it would be better to improve its financial situation, he thinks to lower the amount of the monthly payment. It will thus be able to find more serenity to face the daily newspaper.

The rate for a repurchase of mortgage will depend on several criteria:

  • The profile of the customer: it should be as positive as possible, that is to say a customer who does not have too many payment incidents in his banking history and who enjoys a stable professional situation with income fixed every month. The borrower profile that shows late payment or otherwise, is necessarily less appreciated by financial institutions. The rate they want to give it will tend to be higher.
  • The rental situation is also an important element to take into account. Being a tenant or owner will play in obtaining the interest rate of a credit.
  • The nature of the repurchase of credit will have an impact on the proposal of the interest rate. If it is a transaction involving only a single repurchase of real estate credit, or a repurchase of credit including a mortgage and conso credits, or including a new real estate project or work.
  • An important element to be aware of is the duration of the credit. The longer the term of the credit subscribed, the higher the rate, hence the interest of repayment in the shortest possible time. Be careful, however, the debt ratio and the rest to live which must be within a reasonable limit. Namely, for tenants for example, the maximum repayment period granted for a repurchase of credit is 12 years.
  • The bank or credit institution chosen because some institutions are more flexible and others much more strict. To benefit from the best current rate of repurchase of mortgage, it is possible to make a simulation online, or to apply to a broker specialized in repurchase of credit.

What can you do to get the best rate?

What can you do to get the best rate?

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to buy back one or more loans in progress. It presents itself as a solution for people whose monthly repayments are too high compared to current household income. They will thus be able to repay only one monthly payment, which will bring them more comfort in their personal finances. The purpose of such an operation is to define a duration and a monthly payment that correspond to the requirements but especially to the repayment capacity of the borrower, while taking advantage of a renegotiated rate and especially revised downward. In the case of a mortgage, the buyer will be able to benefit from the best rates of the moment.

The first step is to know the total amount of debt to buy back, in order to optimize the purchase of credit. Then it will be very important to turn to a serious and recognized credit institution. Above all, never sign the first offer received because to find a repurchase of credit at the best rate, it is important to play the competition. Some sites on the internet offer a quality service, offering the user a comparator of credit redemption to get the best rate. By simply completing a free form, the comparator will compare the offers of its partners and offer the best offer and the best rate. This process, which lasts just a few minutes, allows for a first comparison of offers and rates, without providing any proof.

Taking care of your borrower profile, presenting a complete file and, of course, stable incomes and a healthy financial situation are all criteria that will make it easier for banks and credit organizations. Objectively, a request to buy credits from two people working on permanent contracts with good income, is more likely to get a better rate than a file with a fixed-term employee for example. It is important to keep in mind that one should not hesitate to play the competition because each establishment has its own conditions and offers. Often they offer attractive rates to glean new customers.

It will not be necessary to look only at the interest rate, but pay particular attention to the amount of the proposed monthly payment, just as the total amount to be refunded will be decisive. Pay attention also to the borrower insurance which is obligatory in the context of a repurchase of mortgage and whose price will affect the total cost of the operation.

The role of the banking intermediary in adjusting the rate

The role of the banking intermediary in adjusting the rate

The banking intermediary is a broker responsible for obtaining the best terms from banking partners. The profession defined as an intermediary in banking and payment services (SBO) is highly regulated and supervised. As such, the broker is competent in terms of grouping credit of any type.

There are many advantages to go through an SBO to make a buy back credit, especially since it has a more or less extensive network of partners, to ensure its customers the best conditions and therefore the best rates. In addition, to facilitate their search on the net, they often have effective tools, such as an exclusive questionnaire to obtain a first assessment very quickly and especially the ranking of the best rates of the moment.

A borrower alone in front of a banker will certainly not have the same weight as a credit broker who presents him throughout the year, a significant number of files. It is obvious that it will work in his favor to obtain the best repurchase rate of real estate credit. Directly in relation with the real estate hubs of banks, thanks to the flow of new business they bring, brokers have more influence on the offers. They report to the banks a large volume of loans, which has the advantage of more favorable negotiations.

Aside from its bargaining power, the broker has a range of skills varied, it has particular technical knowledge in the mounting of credit to subscribe, as required by law. Among other things, the broker warrants an increased knowledge of the market, and the solicitation of different banks will be based on the request for redemption and the profile of the borrower to adjust the rate depending on the situation.

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Mini Loan Conditions, Conditions Plus Loan and Mini Loan Fri, 14 Jun 2019 05:22:48 +0000 Continue Reading]]> With a mini loan you can borrow money without BKR review, but there are nevertheless a number of conditions that you must meet to apply for it successfully. You can read further on what these conditions are for the mini loan. With a mini loan you can borrow a relatively small amount of up to € 1500 quickly and without too much fuss. The mini loan is gaining popularity and is of course often used as an advance on the salary of the coming month or the month thereon.


Mini loan and the conditions


To apply for a mini loan you must have at least an income of around € 900 net, this is not a fixed fact because it also depends on the costs that you have monthly, if these costs are low then you may still be able to earn less income request a mini loan. Furthermore, you must have a Dutch bank account and you must also be in possession of a mobile phone with a Dutch number because there is also communication via your mobile, this way you can monitor the progress of your mini loan.


Which papers do I have to provide?

Which papers do I have to provide?

Applying for an urgent mini-loan does not require a lot of paperwork, only a few documents are required that you must scan and then send by e-mail to the lender. In any case, you will need a copy of your proof of identification, note that a driving license is not an identification, so in this case your passport or identity card. Furthermore, a copy of a recent bank statement that preferably states that your salary is paid. You may also send a recent payslip in addition to a bank statement.The conditions for a mini-loan in a row

✓ You are 18 years or older.
✓ A bank account in your name.
✓ In possession of a mobile phone with a Dutch number.
✓ You have repaid any previous mini loans neatly on time.
✓ You have an income of around € 900 net per month.
✓ You agree to a test payment of € 0.01 (you can with iDeal).
✓ You can request a maximum of € 600 for the first time.
✓ You provide a guarantee.
✓ Choose a mini loan or a plus loan (explanation below).
✓ After applying you must send your proof of identity via the online system.
✓ BKR registration no objectionWhat is the difference between a mini loan and a plus loan

The difference in the two different loans depends entirely on the amount you want to borrow. Below an image that clearly shows this. For the sake of completeness, I will also explain.

Mini Loan

An amount from a minimum of € 100 to a maximum of € 800. These amounts must be repaid in one go and within 15, 30 or 45 days. With regard to the other conditions, there is no difference with the plus loan.

Plus loan

A plus loan is used if the requested amount is higher than € 600 with a maximum of € 1500. The difference with the mini loan lies in the fact that the plus loan can be paid in two installments. These two terms are 31 days each. In other words, you pay off the entire amount in a maximum of two months.


Borrow money without credit

Borrow money without credit

It has been written many times before, but for the sake of completeness, it is still useful to know that if you have a negative BKR registration, this is not an obstacle to applying for a mini loan. No review is performed, so you don’t have to worry about borrowing money without a BKR. However, it is important that you must be able to not only repay the loan amount on time, but also that you can do this in a maximum of two installments. With a mini-credit, payment in installments is possible, but currently no more than two installments. Perhaps this will change in the future.


How do I know if I have a BKR registration?

How do I know if I have a BKR registration?

You can request your own data from the bkr so that you can check whether the information they have about you is correct. You can arrange this yourself for a modest fee at the bkr. In the past this had to go through the bank, but because more and more people take out a loan online without the intervention of a bank, it is now possible to do this directly.

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Auto loan at 3.50% at Fast Bank Wed, 12 Jun 2019 05:55:45 +0000 Continue Reading]]> In recent weeks announcements of financial organizations have followed one another to announce the conditions of car and motorcycle loans during the period of the DC Motor Show 2016. So far, the good news was reserved for new vehicles. As a reminder, recent used cars are similar to the same conditions as new cars. A “recent occasion” is considered to be a car having less than 2 years or 3 years depending on the specific conditions of each organization.

Recent rate cuts for new vehicles

Recent rate cuts for new vehicles

Here are the latest announcements regarding rate decreases for car and motorcycle loans:

  • The BNP Paribas Fortis vehicle loan rate fell further
  • Car Credit at 1.95% at Creditpolis during the 2016 DC Auto Show
  • A 0.99% rate for a car loan … never seen!
  • Decrease in rates for the new car loan at Fast Bank and ABC

For an exhaustive information, find all the news of car and motorcycle loans on Lender.

Today, it is the used car credit that is honored at Fast Bank

auto loan

The second-hand car market will also peak in January. And Fast Bank has understood because from January 13, 2016, it is possible to subscribe to a car loan with a APR of 3.50% . By used car, we mean in this case a car over 3 years.

This is a very interesting rate and compared to the APR, Fast Bank ranks first in the simulation of used car loans of Lender.

But that’s not all, the credits for new cars and motorcycles are not left out. The latter will benefit from a 1.80% APR from today at FAST Bank.

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Request a mini-loan to pay another Wed, 22 May 2019 05:36:03 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Although it may seem illogical at first sight to ask for a mini-loan to pay the commitment to pay another mini-credit, this is a viable option. Now, considering that you can pay a mini-loan by requesting another, you must take into account several aspects so that this double loan situation does not get out of hand.

Payment of another mini-credit


First of all, you must be very clear that you are committing to the payment of another mini-credit, so you should carefully analyze your economic situation, and validate if you can fulfill this new commitment. Although it may seem illogical at first sight to ask for a mini-loan to pay the commitment to pay another mini-credit, this is a viable option.

Payment commitments

Payment of another mini-credit

On the other hand, you should focus and use the money granted by the new mini-loan, for what you really need. In other words, you must use the money you receive quickly, to meet the outstanding payment commitments of the first mini-credit. With this you will gain some economic slack, and reduce your debts.

In addition, you should consider that when requesting a second mini-credit your payment time will be extended just like your debt. That is, you must be prepared to pay your monthly fees for a longer time, than you had planned at the beginning.

Another aspect to consider is that if the new mini-loan has better payment terms and early repayment fees are lower, this means that you will pay less for the loan.

Also, you must keep in mind that when you have a new mini-loan, you will have to pay the commissions, the capital, the interest and all the other corresponding payments .

Recommendations to handle mini-credits


In the first instance, you must calculate the amount of the fee that you will have to pay monthly. This will allow you to select the best second mini credit option to request.

Review your budget in detail, calculate what your net income and fixed expenses are. This will allow you to have a clear vision of how much you can allocate to pay the mini-credit fees.

Keep in mind that if you find yourself in the urgent need of requesting a mini-loan to pay another, it is time to reduce or eliminate all expenses that are not necessary. You must direct your money towards the cancellation of strictly indispensable payments and expenses.

You must verify very well if requesting a mini-loan to pay another one is your best option. If you manage your budget well, you can meet the first mini-loan using the money granted by the second, and get some time and financial relief.

Enter the other options that you can validate to obtain quick and easy money, are payroll advance, salary advance, pension advance, payroll advance, pension advance, salary advance , Internet loan, online loan, urgent loan without guarantee , fast loan without guarantee , credit without guarantee or fast money online .

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