Mini Loan with Wajong

Can you apply for a mini-loan with a Wajong benefit or is that impossible. There are more than 200,000 people in the Netherlands who are dependent on Wajong benefits, but the question remains whether this large group of people can take out a loan in one way or another, and if so, are they eligible for a revolving credit or a mortgage, or are they dependent on borrowing a small amount with a so-called mini loan or an advance. With the latter option you can quickly borrow an amount of up to 800 euros, but know that you have to pay off a flash loan again quickly, so the ‘flash’ does not only mean quick, but also quick repayment.


Mini loan with Wajong


If we look at the Wajong Guide, we see that it is a benefit that is generally granted to young people who, because of their health, cannot fully participate in the labor market. It is actually more income support than a benefit as meant by a social assistance benefit. You must comply with strict rules to be able to use them for a long time. But I wander and would rather talk about the possibilities for applying for a loan in general and a mini loan in particular. How can you ensure that you still qualify for a loan in any form?


Borrow small amount without bkr

Borrow small amount without bkr

A mini loan is basically a credit that can be successfully applied for by almost everyone, but you must of course meet a number of conditions. For example, you must have a regular income of around 900 euros net per month, live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch bank account number and a Dutch mobile phone. If you do not meet the income requirement of 900 euros per month for applying for an advance, you can possibly ask your partner to act as a guarantor, or possibly apply for the mini credit for you, in which case you then give the partner back the amount owed later . The advantage of the advance is that no BKR review is performed, so you can borrow money without BKR.


Borrow money with benefits

Borrow money with benefits

It appears from various studies that it is becoming increasingly difficult to apply for a loan while you are receiving benefits, including unemployment benefits, WIA, WAZ, disability, disability insurance, IOAZ and so there are several benefits to be found who are nevertheless eligible for one or another loan. The fact remains that with a benefit you have a regular income guaranteed by the Dutch state, so you would say that it offers more security than a permanent contract with an employer, after all, this employer can go bankrupt tomorrow and your income will also keep on.


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