Pay the house contribution, with small-credits online

House contribution with online small-credits

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You can pay the receipt of the house contribution with online small-credits . But, before telling you how, let’s explain what this is. We start from the basis that to citizens in general, this is to give us a headache. Not precisely because we don’t want to pay them, but, in many cases, we can’t do it. The causes are more than obvious. But it is that when it comes to the receipt of the urban contribution, or what is the same as the IBI (Real Estate Tax), the problem is even greater, since it is one of the taxes that costs the most to pay due to its amount

The IBI is a tax that is paid to the city council. Therefore, it is the responsibility of this to stipulate the fees. In general terms, we can say that the town halls have more or less high rates depending on the number of inhabitants it contemplates, the geographical situation in which it is located, the age of the building, whether it is a provincial capital or an Autonomous Community , etc.

Online small-credits are one of the excellent options

Online small-credits are one of the excellent options

Apart from this, each owner will pay more or less of contribution according to the catrastral value of each house, to which the lien must be added. Keep in mind that there are certain bonuses for this tax, yes, these will depend on what each city council estimates.

There are also some properties that are exempt, such as: the church, buildings listed as historical heritage, Red Cross properties, etc.

Certain municipalities, rather the majority of them, already divide the IBI to facilitate their payment to citizens. However, despite this facility, there are those who still find it virtually impossible to deal with this tax.

Therefore, online small-credits are one of the excellent options that exist and serve to help us cope with payments of this type. The good thing about this type of financial solution is that, since the receipt arrives and a payment date is indicated, we can request it. Doing so is not only easy, but we also have a good chance of being granted and that we have the money in our account in a matter of hours. And our contribution will be paid.

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