Request your Seetech Loan for Individuals and Companies

If you want an alternative to bank loans and loans, Seetech can compare and select the best options in the market. Seetechs de lending (direct lending companies to individuals) grant money to increasingly competitive rates with respect to the credit of traditional banks; analyze the conditions offered in terms of commissions, interests and repayment term and find the one that best suits your needs and possibilities.

Another alternative of credit is to go to crowdlending portals, which will allow you to access a multitude of potential lenders who will decide if they leave you the money collectively, although in practice you will receive the money as if you only had one creditor to return it to. Access new short and long-term personal loans or mortgages to buy a house or finance other Seetech family projects.


Collective donations


With the crowdfunding of donations or donation-based crowdfunding you can show how your NGO or non-profit association helps to improve the world and the life of its inhabitants and find thousands of people and organizations willing to donate part of their resources so that you can achieve your altruistic goals.



Offer rewards for your project

Offer rewards for your project

If you are an artist, writer or creator of all kinds, you no longer have to rely on a single patron: Finn will find all the crowdfunding options of reward or reward based crowdfunding so that individuals or companies are your mass patrons in exchange for some Reward: the best tickets to your cultural show, a signed copy of your work, being able to chat directly with you or any other reward for people who believe in your creativity.



Business financing

Business financing

Compare, filter, study and analyze in depth the different lending and crowdlending offers for start-up and newly created companies Finn and find the business credit you were looking for for your business. If you prefer partners to lenders, capital crowdfunding or equity-based crowdfunding is a great way to obtain the necessary funds for your new idea or business. If you believe in your project, offer it to hundreds or thousands of partners so that they can invest collectively betting on its success.

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