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Commission report finds time to consider race in college sports

The authors said the NCAA should also invest in black athletes while they are on campus, including devoting resources to programs that support African Americans.

At its best, sport can be an arena where everyone’s differences and skills are respected and valued and can come together in an affirmation of the value of talent, teamwork, persistence and discipline, have writes the authors of a new report on racial equity at the university. sports.

“Yet, unfortunately, this is often not the case in intercollegiate sports,” continued the authors of the titled report, “Achieving racial equity in college sports. “

The report, published by the independent Knight Commission, proposes a call to NCAA and its member colleges and universities to improve and enhance the academic performance and career chances of African American athletes who obtain sports-related jobs at rates far lower than whites.

The Knight Commission, made up of college administrators and former athletes, focused on racial equity for the report, which also included the experiences of more than 80,000 African-American athletes competing in the NCAA.

The report outlines policy changes in four key areas that the NCAA and its member institutions should make to achieve racial equity in sport:

  • Filling the gaps in educational opportunities to create equitable pathways for success for black college athletes during and after college.
  • Hold institutions accountable for recruiting and hiring to achieve diversity and equity in athletics leadership.
  • Invest in programs that support and enhance the college experience for black athletes and promote inclusion and belonging.
  • Create more equitable opportunities for black college athletes to take on leadership roles, especially in advocacy and governance.

The report also calls on the NCAA to dramatically increase its financial support to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) through the Accelerating Academic Success program.

“The Commission’s report comes amid a historic race toll and a rise in black student activism on college campuses,” said former basketball player Len Elmore, who has chaired the task force that guided the Knight commission report.

“This moment demands transformative actions that specifically improve the college experience for Black athletes, coaches and athletic staff in all competitive divisions of college sports,” Elmore noted in a press release.

“The Knight Commission Report presents a roadmap for how the CFP, NCAA and its member institutions can turn promises into policies that do just that.”

The Knight Commission urged the NCAA and its member schools to bridge the gap in educational and professional opportunities between black and white athletes.

The report called for more recruitment and hiring of minorities and people from under-represented groups.

The authors said the NCAA should also invest in black athletes while they are on campus, including devoting resources to programs that support African Americans.

“NCAA reform and institutional reform of racial equity policies and procedures are long overdue,” the authors wrote.

“Now is the time to pursue a more equitable and socially just model of varsity sports that provides fairer and more diverse opportunities for all varsity athletes, including black athletes.”

The committee plans to hold a town hall at 2 p.m. EST on Monday, May 24. The virtual event will include a discussion of the report and a question and answer session.

Click here to view the full report.

Click here to register for the virtual town hall

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