17 employees of the Sonoma Valley school district to retire

Sonoma Valley Unified School District employees and staff who have announced their intention to retire at the end of the 2020-2021 school year include:

Dunbar Elementary School

Donna Baker, educational assistant, exceptional child II, 20 years old

Donald Barrows, computer lab technician, 10 years old

Cathleen Gradwohl, chef, 23

Alberto Reis, main goalkeeper, 32

El Verano Primary School

Kathleen Hawing, teacher, 24

Sassarini Primary School

Kim Estment, pedagogical assistant and supervisor on duty at noon, 41 years old

Mary-George Simonitch, library media specialist, 22

Altimira College

Irene Peterson, pedagogical assistant exceptional child II, 14 years old

Adele Harrison Middle School

Deborah Van Horn, office manager, 24

Sonoma Valley High School

Hannah Aclufi, teacher, 23

Mary Spragens, teacher, 21

Transport / MO Department

Mark Lyon, trader, 31 years old

David Sandoval, head of maintenance and operations, 24 years old

Michael Turpin, bus driver, 7 years old

Throughout the district

Jan Moore, teacher, 24

Michael Schwarz, IT Operator II technical support, 21

District office

Charles Wilson, director of educational services, 2 years old

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