8 authors sharing the secrets of a successful life

Productivity. Joy. Wealth. These are not unicorn dreams. Many people develop habits that lead them to increasingly successful personal and professional lives. And they do it in different ways.

For example, some people turn to music to do more things to do. In fact, in one Robert Half Study71% of survey respondents said listening to songs made them work faster and harder. But audio tracks aren’t the only way to bring you to higher levels of personal satisfaction. One of the favorites of avid readers is to devote time to reading the latest books.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been on a psychological plateau lately, the relief might only be a page. Crouch down with one of the following reads as a chance to reload. Each author shares their wisdom and insights that can help you live your best life.

1. Nick Velasquez – Learn, Improve, Master

Forget the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Throw the tired mantra that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. (Spoiler alert: “old dogs” learn all the time.) Nick Velasquez breaks down the art and science of meta-learning in his much-loved Learn, improve, master. In each chapter, you’ll discover hacks that help your brain absorb more information with less effort. Velasquez supports his compelling argument for a revolutionary learning approach with real-life examples of versatile athletes, chess players and geniuses. As long as you have the attitude of a master, you can achieve mastery in just about any field.

2. Chris Dunan – You are not broke

Too many of us cling to the premise that something is wrong with us naturally, that we need to be fixed before we can soar. New Zealander Chris Duncan thinks otherwise. It describes a five-step method for unleashing creative energy and potential in a way that doesn’t involve breaking your mind. You are not broke approaches the concept of self-help from a completely different and transformational perspective. Prepare to dive deep into your Superconscious and let go of all those false beliefs that are holding you back.

3. Kelley Powell – Courage to lose sight of the shore

When you are sailing by boat, losing sight of the shore can be a disorienting and frightening experience. Entrepreneurs often have the same fear reaction when they start a business and start looking for private equity partnerships. After all, they are out of their elements. In Courage to lose sight of the shore, Kelley Powell reveals how founders can safely navigate their businesses in untested, unexplored and competitive waters while seeking capital. Find out what really interests investors beyond data points and product features. This work will help you make informed decisions about private equity firms and keep all of your relationships strong.

4. Dr Dennis Rebelo – History As you think

Communications can be difficult, even for natural storytellers or people who want to connect with others. Whether you’re pitching an idea to the sharks or interviewing for a lifetime’s job, you need to know how to craft a compelling story. Dr Dennis Rebelo provides you with the advice you need to hone your storytelling skills Story as you hear it. Reinvent the way you present yourself to the world with a storytelling formula that has worked for Dr. Rebelo’s prestigious and successful clients for years. One-part theory, 10-part ideas, and 1,000 times more fun than your last public speaking, this book will make sure you always know what to say and how to say it.

5. Brian LaBovick – Not a good neighbor

As a personal injury lawyer Brian LaBovick has seen it all. And guess what? It gives pride of place to the victory of large colonies by representing you. Here’s the big part: you don’t have to crash to find Not a good neighbor an irresistible and important read. In fact, this job shares information that you can use in other situations as well. Who could not use a primer in the negotiation? Or welcome the chance to understand the mistakes people typically make when they let emotions drive choices? Anyone can get value from the LaBovick reveal. (Plus, if you do become the victim of an accident, you’ll have a book on your shelf to guide you.)

6. Steve Mastroianni – Leisure Boss

You probably heard this in your childhood: Secondary interests won’t earn you income, so you need to educate yourself and have a back-up career plan. This is the reason why so many artists, musicians and other hobbyists end up giving up on their dreams and hating their daily jobs. Can you relate? You need a positive infusion of Hobby boss. Author Steve Mastroianni shows you why the notion of hobby as a dead end street is superfluous. Map a journey to turn your favorite hobby into a trusted source of money. Everyone says you shouldn’t quit your day job. Maybe they are wrong. It’s time to unleash your passions and monetize the heck of your side fuss.

7. Mohammad Anwar, Chris Pitre, Frank Danna and Jeff Ma – Love as a business strategy

Most businesses are not founded on love, at least directly. Of course, entrepreneurs love their basic concepts and offerings. However, they rarely lead with love. Authors Mohammad Anwar, Chris Pitre, Frank Danna, and Jeff Ma think it’s a shame. In Love as a business strategy, they show why people-centric businesses are destined to be the wave of the future. They should know: They’ve brought a business back from the brink with the power of love. Remember: Industry disruptions take many forms, and not all of them have to be aggressive or negative. Maybe the only thing stopping you from becoming the pro you’ve always dreamed of is a little love.

8. Justin Smith – Industrial intelligence

You have heard of emotional intelligence. Now it’s time to open up to Industrial intelligence. Written from the perspective of someone who has handled hundreds of real estate transactions, this work gives concrete suggestions on how to choose commercial properties. Yet this is not only beneficial for readers willing to expand their organizations. Having a broader understanding of the real estate industry can open your eyes to another side of the business world. Layer what you learn from Justin Smith’s expertise into your next business and personal negotiations and transactions. You may find that being industrially intelligent lays the foundation for smarter decision making.

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