Construction of the Coronado HS as planned and on budget, by district

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It’s hard to miss the construction going on at Coronado High School as you walk down Mesa Street.

Valued at $ 54 million, the project is the largest and most expensive bond project, according to the El Paso Independent School District. Residents of West El Paso voted on the obligation in 2016, construction began in 2019, and the project will be completed in 2023.

EPISD Quality Manager Alan Wiernicki said the project will be completed on budget and on time. The plan was still for it to be completed in 2023, he said.

However, there were some setbacks in some phases.

“The overall project is not long in coming. We have phases in the construction schedule. For example, we planned to deliver the new university building and the new school complex this summer for the start of the school year, ”said Wiernicki. “But we have encountered unforeseen conditions that will prevent this from happening. ”

Regarding the full timeline for the project, Wiernicki said it is expected to end 14 days later than what the EPISD originally planned due to COVID-19.

“The 14 days requested from Coronado was due to COVID-19, where there was an outbreak and they had to close the entire construction site for 14 days,” he said.

A freshman from Coronado High School is hoping to benefit from the project in his senior year, knowing that the school will be under construction for most of his high school career.

“I was like waiting, wondering what it will look like because it will be very different from the type of building we have now,” said Alejandro Orosco.

Neighboring resident Carlos Corrales said he could still hear construction noise as his garden faces the school. He said it had been so long that he couldn’t even remember whether he voted on the link or not, but wished the end date was near.

“I guess their planning was far from in line because I don’t think it should have taken that long, it’s been too long,” Corrales said.

The project was part of a $ 668 million bond that included 17 construction projects across the district. Some of these projects are completed, others are still in progress, like Coronado, and some have not yet started.

“Just understand that we are on schedule for the construction contract,” Wiernicki said. “We’re on budget right now and when all of this is said and done in 2023, we know we were going to open a beautiful Coronado High School that the whole community will be proud of. “

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