TopologyEdu Continues Global Expansion with InstitutePro by Mudit Gupta and Vanita Gupta

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Jaipur, Rajasthan, June 6, 2021 ( – Since the creation of this digital world, many industries have joined the new sector with technology so that they also thrive in education ! Well-known software company TopologyPro’s activated InstitutPro ( in the same way TopologyEdu ( Administrative software and complete management of institutes through their platform of great value beneficial and advised to educational institutions such as schools and colleges, coaching institutes, skills development companies, training centers.

According to the founder of TopologyPro, Mr. Mudit Gupta and the Senior Director, Ms. Vanita Gupta, confirmed the improved technology to meet the changing needs of today’s environment. InstitutePro highly recommended for education, training and skills development. Ms. Gupta has many experiences as an educator and certainly Mr. Gupta has 18 years of experience as an IT professional. TopologyPro colleague remembers educational needs when developing software. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta took up to 3 years and more, surveyed more than 133 schools and colleges, met more than 1107 whole people involved somewhere in the education system, after much research, they decided to develop a software, accordingly, they provided the InstitutePro module.

InstitutPro Users are provided with high attention features according to institute management roles such as administrator, principal, teacher, receptionist, student, parent, manager, cashier, accountant and others supporting staff as required.

Why InstitutePro Monitoring and What Are Its Main Benefits?

  • Cloud-hosted system– This ERP is entirely cloud-based, so it can be accessed at any time
  • from anywhere, with a secure internet connection.
  • Dedicated online support– a problem with the ERP software? TopologyPro at your fingertips! management can easily connect to the InstitutePro support team who are always there to help you with justified solutions to each of your queries.
  • Mobile and desktop application– InstitutePro available on Windows Android and iOS, this ERP works on trendy platforms without any bug.
  • Zoom integration– This ERP has zoom integration, full support for video calls, direct meetings, online courses, online training goals.
  • Easy to use– The user interface (UI) of ERP software is dynamically easy to understand and offers different users the ability to manage and run various features without any problem.
  • Employee management– Being a comprehensive tool, the InstitutePro system provides employee management such as attendance, salary, leave management and other support modules.
  • Cost management– InstitutePro software is a completely transparent solution for the automatic management of expense accounts, leaving no room for any manipulation.
  • Multi-user functionality: All modules of our InstitutePro ERP come with different functionality according to user roles, therefore each user in a single module can use and access their data without any tribulation.
  • Transport management– Our school ERP software can accurately track and provide transparent information to students / children / wards at school / college.
  • Library managementThe pupil or his parent, the principal, the teachers, etc. can easily browse the Institute’s database and check whether or not a specific book is available by simply entering the name of the book or the name of its author.
  • Hostel management– Being an advanced school management software, it also has hostel management function, accurately students or their parents can check room availability and accommodation.

About InstitutPro

Instituto’s tool offers some of the best operations in institute management, generating automated and insightful reports for faster decision-making. You can request a demo or order a setup for the tool by visiting their website at

About TopologyPro

TopologyPro Business Solutions has grown from a global software company to an innovator and provider of multinational business solutions. With its acclaimed in-house products and services, a dynamic focus on IT and R&D, and a rich professional and experienced workforce and connections.

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