Governor Edwards signs Louisiana budget bill, invest in education, support families and pursue long-term economic recovery

Governor John Bel Edwards issued the following statement on the Louisiana budget bill, which he signed last night. The budget invests in many of the governor’s key priorities, including increasing funding for education, promoting continued economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and substantial new investments in infrastructure.

Governor Edwards said:

“The budget I signed today is a far cry from years gone by, thanks to increased revenues and additional federal funding to support the state’s recovery from the pandemic. It invests significantly in education at all levels, provides support to families receiving Medicaid, people with disabilities, foster families and adoptive parents working with the Department of Children and Family Services, and promotes access to important services for the elderly. It invests in infrastructure, economic development, public safety, and our ongoing efforts to reform Louisiana’s criminal justice system.

Louisiana’s budget responsibly uses federal coronavirus recovery dollars in our continued response and long-term resurgence after the pandemic, without creating structural budget problems going forward. And, thanks to the increase in income, teachers will receive a salary increase of $ 800 and school support workers will receive a salary increase of $ 400. These increases are not enough, but they are another crucial step in achieving our goal of bringing teachers’ salaries down to the southern regional average. In terms of higher education, the budget supports a $ 19.8 million increase in faculty salaries, and an additional $ 14.5 million in the funding formula for four- and two-year institutions, fully funded. TOPS as well as a historic $ 11.1 million increase in GO Grant funding. All of this is essential to sustaining our education systems as we come out of a tough year and create first-class learning environments in Louisiana.

Through bipartisan cooperation and a commitment to responsible budgeting, Louisiana enters the next fiscal year more resilient and ready to resume robust economic growth. “

The Governor also issued eight line vetoes to HB 1. Click here to read the Governor’s line veto message. In addition, he signed HB 516, the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, and issued four vetoes per heading. Click here to read the article’s veto message.

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