Approved location for £ 28million Faifley Education Campus

Approved location for £ 28million Faifley education campus

A new education campus in Faifley is to be built on the current site of St Joseph’s Primary School, councilors agreed.

New Faifley Campus to be built at St Joseph Primary School

A report presented to the members of West Dunbartonshire Council the Education Services Committee detailed plans to build the £ 28.86million Faifley Campus which will integrate St Joseph’s Primary School co-located with Edinbarnet Primary School; an educational resource center; Auchnacraig and Lennox Early Learning and Child Care Centers; a base of additional support needs; a community library and a community space.

Members heard from St Joseph’s The site was the most suitable for the new campus because it offers the possibility of carrying out a construction in tandem without disturbing the education of the pupils on site. St Joseph’s Primary School is accessible directly from Faifley Road with good public transport safe links and trails that would encourage families to walk sschool, and these factors were taken into account in the site selection. In addition, the site is close to religious proximity church.

The new campus will also have a state-of-the-art multipurpose play area (MUGA) for outdoor sports to enhance physical activity opportunities among students.

Further engagement will take place with the community with a statutory consultation being prepared and presented at the education committee meeting in September.

Educational Services Facilitator, Advisor Karen Conaghan, said: “I am delighted to see the plans for the new campus take a step forward. This campus will see hundreds of children move into new buildings designed to allow them to learn and grow in a modern learning environment suitable for 21st century education. I want to make sure that we are working with all departments to maximize the benefits to the community and in addition to making sure that we provide safe roads and trails to encourage students to walk to school. In addition to the new schools and the preschool learning center, we have included in our plans a new library and a new community space, which will be made available to residents.

Councilor Ian Dickson, Vice-President of Educational Services, said: “I know this plan will be well received by the parents, caregivers and students of Faifley as well as by all residents who will benefit from the community space within the new facility.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who provided feedback on the location of the new campus during the engagement sessions. Your feedback was very clear, everyone agrees and supports the construction of this new campus in Faifley which will be an asset for the whole community.

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