GoodNovel emerges as a place where literature lovers can find solace during the pandemic

SINGAPORE, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In a quarantine year, readers and editors of GoodNovel to have turned to fictional stories, in order to seek ways of spiritual connection and sharing. GoodNovel is becoming a more reliable online space for obtaining financial support as well as professional writing advice, especially in these times of immense insecurity.

Jane doe, an American amateur fiction writer, discovered GoodNovel during the lockdown and began participating in the international writing competition organized by the platform. “Writing for GoodNovel gives me a flexible schedule and all the room I need to develop my creativity. They encourage all the ideas I have and work to help me improve my novels,” she said. . At GoodNovel, professional teams are dedicated to helping both beginner and experienced writers with book covers, promotion suggestions, and tips for self-improvement their writing.

As one of the authors of GoodNovel put it, “the forties gave me time to come up with new ideas and GoodNovel helps me try them out in my job. “For writers like Jeanne, the GoodNovel writing platform has established itself as a diversified area to develop their fantasies and share their creativity. While, for others, GoodNovel becomes a livelihood, because it provides financial security when writers run out Income.

Laure came to GoodNovel as a young writer with little experience in fictional stories. Benefited from the Writers Support Program, she bhas come a popular writer with tens of thousands of readers loving his stories. Unfortunately, Laure lost an important family member who was the sole breadwinner during the pandemic.

Fortunately, his monthly income at GoodNovel was higher than the average monthly income of an ordinary local office worker, bringing new hope to his family. With the support of the GoodNovel team and the love of its readers, Laure continued to write and has already become the financial provider for her whole family.

Lisa W. lives in South East Asia and now works as one of the local editors with GoodNovel. When the pandemic started to spread, she gave up her permanent editing job out of necessity to stay healthy and safe, but this led her to live in insecurity, for example without unpredictable benefits and incomes, until she discovered GoodNovel.

She first updated stories on GoodNovel and was quickly hired as a writer by the platform. “It not only provided me with a stable income, but also helped me keep my anxiety at bay,” she said. GoodNovel has established its local teams in the United States, Indonesia, Spain, The Philippines and India work on indigenous content. The international platform believes this helps broaden the range of existing stories to better resonate with local readers.

GoodNovel receives daily feedback from users, in which they express the moral inspiration and emotional comfort they derive from the great stories of the platform, especially during the pandemic. GoodNovel and its team of professionals are committed to providing readers with wonderful stories, practical reading and writing products. Too, they look forward to wwork with readers and authors, in order to expand the possibilities of literature in the new era.

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GoodNovel is an online stories platform and community based at Singapore which is dedicated to creating a new generation of classic novels and an imaginative free zone fueled by technology.

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