Digitization, talent and the future of work

BOSTON, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HR leaders trying to navigate a rapidly changing work environment now have a clear set of goals to focus on: digitization, talent and the future of work. This is the central conclusion of a new report by Boston Advisory Group (BCG) and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). The report, titled Creating a People Benefit 2021: The Future of People Management Priorities, released today.

BCG and WFPMA have collaborated on similar studies dating back to 2008, and this year’s analysis is the most comprehensive to date. The authors interviewed more than 6,600 respondents in 113 countries and interviewed more than 30 leaders of leading companies and startups around the world, yielding very detailed quantitative and qualitative results.

“Our findings provide critical guidance for HRDs, senior human resource management executives and all other leaders, including CEOs, aimed at creating a tough workforce and workplace. time to support the execution of their business strategy, ”said Jens Baier, senior partner of BCG and co-author of the report.

Three clear priorities

The report categorizes 32 people management topics according to two dimensions: the future importance of each topic and the current capabilities of companies to address each of them. Evaluating these dimensions in tandem allows the authors to highlight three areas where the need for innovative action is most urgent:

  • Digitization, including the use of new technologies such as people analytics, cloud-based applications, AI and robotics
  • Talent, including strategic workforce planning, leadership development, skills enhancement and retraining, and working with an ecosystem of employees, contractors and other types of workforce. work
  • The future of work, including more agile HR, the integration of “smart” work and change management

An employee-centric approach

Another key finding from the report is the need to create personalized experiences for employees. Of survey respondents, 85% say focusing on employee needs and expectations is a key success factor in increasing competition for talent. This number represents the highest level of agreement in the entire study, underscoring the importance of an employee-centered approach.

“Businesses today must navigate an extremely difficult business environment, and strong, proactive people management is the only way to ensure that businesses have the right talent to be successful,” said Bob morton, President of WFPMA and co-author of the report. “An objective, data-driven approach that puts people first and center of work can help HR managers allocate limited resources to the most pressing priorities.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

To arrange an interview with one of the authors, please contact Eric Gregory at +1 617 850 3783 or [email protected].

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About the World Federation of People Management Associations
The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) is a global network of people management professionals, founded in 1976 to help develop and improve the effectiveness of professional people management worldwide. . Its members are mainly the continental federations which are made up of more than 90 national human resources associations representing more than 660,000 people management professionals. The WFPMA advocates for the development and recognition of the HR profession across the globe and, together with its member organizations, serves the public, organizations and communities around the world by ensuring the relevance, reputation and value of the profession of HR around the world.

SOURCE Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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