Meten EdtechX to Improve Offline Online Merger (OMO) Services for Students

Shenzhen, china, July 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: METX) (“Meten EdtechX” or the “Company”), a leading provider of omnichannel English training services (“ELT”) in China, today announced that the company plans to improve its online and offline merge services (OMO) for its students. Since the start of 2021, the Company has completed the online delivery of 84,000 course hours of its offline courses through the OMO system, which has contributed 21 million RMB in gross invoicing.

OMO is an integrated learning model that combines the benefits of online education with those of traditional offline education, providing students with scale and personalization associated with online education, and learning experiences. real and effective associated with offline education. The OMO model can help the business recover quickly from the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on offline businesses, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve operational efficiency. In addition, the OMO model can better meet the diverse needs of students, improve their sense of experience, provide comfort to students, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Since 2020, the Company has invested 20 million RMB develop a “two-teacher classroom”, which is primarily used for ABC’s junior ELT services. The company carefully selected course content and electronic teaching materials, organized training courses for foreign teachers, guided them through the qualification certification process, installed computer equipment in classrooms and adopted teaching materials. standardized courses and study programs, among others. The “two-teacher classroom” takes an innovative approach to teaching, where foreign teachers provide live instruction using advanced internet technology. “Two-teacher classroom” learning integrates online and offline teaching, which greatly improves the quality of teaching for foreign teachers and enhances the learning experience for students.

Currently, the Company offers independent products online and offline. It plans to launch new integrated offline and online products (OMO products, such as the “two-teacher classroom”), which are expected to bring new growth points to the company in the future. In 2021, the Company plans to continue implementing the OMO strategy for the benefit of a larger group of students. With a significant improvement in the operational efficiency of the “two-teacher classes”, the Company can save an estimated 25% on the teaching costs of foreign teachers.

About Meten EdtechX

Meten EdtechX is one of the leading ELT service providers in China, providing English language and skills training for Chinese students and professionals. Through a sophisticated digital platform and a nationwide network of learning centers, the Company provides its services under three industry-leading brands: Meten (ELT services for adults and juniors), ABC (mainly ELT junior services) and Likeshuo (ELT online). The company delivers educational quality and graduate student satisfaction, served by cutting-edge technology deployed throughout its business, including centralized AI-based education and management systems that record and analyze business processes. real-time learning.

The Company is committed to improving the overall English proficiency of the Chinese people to keep abreast of the rapid development of globalization. Its experienced management is focused on the development of its digital platform and the expansion of its network of learning centers to offer an ever-evolving service offering to a growing number of students across China.

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