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Jenna Merony graduated in spring 2021 with degrees in English and professional and public writing. Merony was a Citizen scholar in the Faculty of Arts and Letters; She is pursuing her MA in English Language and Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing from Central Michigan University. The following student view has been modified and reused. The original part is available on the Site of the School of Arts and Letters.

I came to MSU in 2017 with my twin sister Makayla, who was ready to enter the kinesiology program, when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I started in English because it was my favorite subject in high school, and I knew I wanted to do something that involved writing. My older sister, Taylor, who was a senior when I came to MSU in first year, introduced me to professional and public writing, also known as P2W. And that’s where I found my calling – on the trail of editing and publishing.

I’ve always loved to write, tell stories and read, but never knew how to make a profession out of it. This is where professional and public writing has proven to show me all the possibilities of storytelling for a living. However, as I was finishing the P2W program, I felt there was more for me to learn, so I added the major in English with a concentration in creative writing. With these two majors and being part of the Citizen Scholars program, I was able to receive incredible opportunities.

One of the greatest opportunities I have had was to study abroad. I took the Literary Studies program in Dublin, Ireland the summer before my junior year and received funding for it from the Citizen Scholars program. This funding was the push and help I needed to make this trip.

It was a five week program of traveling through Ireland and learning literacy, some Irish writers and some Irish films. I also learned more about the culture of Ireland in Galway, Sligo, Belfast, Dublin and Cork. One of my favorite memories was discovering William Butler Yeats while touring Yeats Country and seeing places that inspired his poems and were a part of his childhood.

The experience has taught me so much about myself, how to be part of the community around me and stand up for the things that fascinate me. It enhanced my education in ways I didn’t expect and brought out the leader in me.

At the start of my junior year, I knew I needed more experience in the P2W track and I also needed an internship to graduate. My advisor told me about the social media and communication strategist internship for the Faculty of Arts and Letters. This internship experience gave me the opportunity to write a variety of stories within the college, as well as social media, marketing and digital design experiences. These were things I didn’t know I needed to know until I was able and asked to do it.

While my internship experience quickly shifted to remote work due to the pandemic, it was truly one of the highlights of my time here at MSU. And for that, I am grateful. Thank you, MSU and the College of Arts and Letters for these four wonderful years.

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