Can my PC run Windows 11 for school

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  • Windows 11 will roll out later in 2021, but Windows 10 PCs will continue to function well for students until 2025.
  • PCs over three years old probably won’t have the system requirements to update to Windows 11.
  • Any new laptop you buy now for school will support Windows 11 with a free upgrade.

Microsoft recently announced its new Windows 11 operating system, which will be released later in 2021.

For students, the Windows 11 version could be tricky. This raises a few questions, such as whether students should buy a new computer or can they continue to use the computer they have now.

In the past, a new Windows operating system was not the biggest deal, as virtually any computer (PC) could upgrade to the latest version without much hassle. However, Windows 11 comes with some requirements that not all computers have, even those that are only four years old.

Check out this FAQ with the most important details about student computers and Windows 11:

When will Windows 11 be released?

“Later this year” in 2021, promises Microsoft. This will be a free upgrade for all qualifying computers that will be rolled out in waves over several weeks.

Does Windows 11 improve or improve anything from Windows 10? At least for educational purposes?

Windows 11 isn’t likely to revolutionize the way you work for school in any way, but it will come with a variety of new features and design elements that refresh and modernize the Windows experience in the world. his outfit.

One of the new features that might come in handy is Desktops, which will allow you to create different desktop windows for different uses, which can help you organize and declutter the way you use your PC. Think of it as if you have multiple monitors, where you have one instructor for school and one instructor for personal matters. And instead of looking between monitors, you switch between your desktop windows on your single screen or monitor.

For example, you can dedicate a school-only desktop window, with web browser windows, documents, and applications that are only relevant to school matters. In another desktop window, you can separate the browser windows and applications that you use for your personal affairs from your schoolwork.

Snap Layouts will also help you organize your open windows on your desktop, like apps and documents. You’ll find this useful if you often have multiple windows open and spend time resizing them and placing them neatly on your desktop.

Otherwise, Windows 11 will let you use finger, voice, and stylus gestures in more apps to make note taking more useful and accessible.

Will my computer run Windows 11?

If you have a fairly new PC around 2018 or later, you will be fine. If it is four years or older, it is unlikely to support Windows 11.

The requirements for Windows PCs to run Windows 11 are higher than Windows 10, but most newer PCs will run Windows 11 as long as they are running on a processor (CPU) from 2018. It’s even worth checking out if you bought your PC in 2018 because it may run on a processor that is too old to run Windows 11.

Specifically, your PC must run on 8th Generation or later Intel processors, or an AMD 2000 series or later processor. Intel and AMD also have other processor lines that will support Windows 11. You can see a full list of Intel processors that will support Windows 11 here, and a full list of AMD processors that will support Windows 11 here.

How do I check the processor used by my PC?

One way to check which processor your computer is running on is in Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up Task Manager, then click the Performance tab at the top left. You will see the name and number of the processor model above the graph in the CPU tab.

Do I have to pay to upgrade my PC to Windows 11?

No, Windows 11 will be a free upgrade if you are currently using Windows 10. However, there will be a premium paid version known as Windows 11 Pro with features like local accounts that power users normally look for. Windows 11 Pro pricing has yet to be announced.

Will my Windows 10 PC become obsolete when Windows 11 is released?

Fortunately, this will not be the case. Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 14, 2025. After that, your Windows 10 PC is unlikely to receive any new features or active security updates from Microsoft.

Will my Windows 10 PC still work after Microsoft ends support in 2025?

After 2025, you will still be able to use your Windows 10 PC, even without feature or security updates. However, it would not be recommended to do so, as up-to-date security updates are important to fix vulnerabilities when logging in online.

When should I buy a new PC if mine doesn’t support Windows 11?

You don’t need to buy a new PC until 2025, when Windows 10 is essentially getting obsolete.

Do I absolutely have to upgrade to Windows 11 or buy a new PC that supports Windows 11 for school?

It is not an absolute necessity if your current PC is functioning properly, even if it is older. Windows 10 itself won’t hold you back compared to Windows 11.

If your computer is running slowly, this is a good reason to buy a new PC, as a slow computer can slow you down for school work.

If I’m looking to buy a new Windows computer, will any of the PCs I’m buying now support Windows 11?

Yes, Microsoft says that any new Windows PC you buy today, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, will support Windows 11.

Which laptop to buy for school?

Everything you need to know about buying a school laptop can be found here. We’ll help you figure out how to know what you’re getting for your money, what kind of gear you might need, where to get the best student discounts, and whether you want to go with Apple, Microsoft, or Google for the system. operation and ecosystem.

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