President Al-Sisi launches Egyptian University of Computer science in new capital

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Tuesday issued a decree establishing the Egyptian University of Computer Science at the City of Knowledge in the new administrative capital.

Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said the decision reflects the vision of political leaders and the state’s efforts to create a new generation of computer experts with a high degree of knowledge. and skills to achieve a qualitative leap in Egypt’s position in the international information arena.

According to the minister, the university provides specialized education at the highest level in the fields of communication sciences and information technologies in accordance with the latest developments and academic methods, through partnerships with major international universities. The aim is to create distinguished young professionals who can keep pace with global technological development and be the driving force behind technological innovation in Egypt.

The Minister of Communications continued: “The Egyptian University of Informatics” (UIE) was established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education to be the first university of ‘Africa and the Middle East specializing in communications and information. technology and related fields, providing digital skills to meet the increasing demands of the growing local market, in particular, and the regional and global market in general.

Talaat pointed out that the Egyptian University of Informatics was established in the city of knowledge in the new administrative capital, which is established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies as part of the construction of a integrated information society and support for the growth of communications. and the information technology sector in the new administrative capital.

The city of knowledge offers a creative environment to university students through its units and projects affiliated with the ministry, its specialized research centers, its training institutes in communication and information technologies and its incubation units to sponsor innovative projects, in addition to the technological oasis that hosts and local businesses and banks. This helps provide educational opportunities for students, employment opportunities for graduates, and research partnerships that solve real-world problems.

The Egyptian University of Computer Science has four faculties: the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Business Technology, and the Faculty of Digital Art and Design. The academic programs of the university were designed by a group of Egyptian academic experts in cooperation with their counterparts from international universities in several fields, including: digital transformation, artificial intelligence, data engineering, the fourth revolution industrial, electronics industry, communication sciences, financial technology, data analytics, electronic marketing, animation arts, user experience, electronic game design and artistic product design in the field of digital arts. It has taken into account in its programs the comparison of programs in major international universities and taking into account the Egyptian conditions of quality and accreditation.

The study is expected to begin at all four faculties this year in October 2021, in the university’s first building, which can accommodate more than 1,600 students, until the remainder of the university campus is completed over the next three years. . This aims to motivate students to enroll in the first promotion. Also, it was announced that the tuition fees will be reduced, as well as the scholarships associated with the superiority of the students in their studies.

UIE has signed an agreement with Purdue University, West Lafayette (PWL) with the advanced international ranking to obtain a bachelor’s degree in electronics, communications and computer engineering, allowing the student to spend the first academic years in Egypt and then to choose to study the last year at the International University agreed with. In addition, there is an agreement for a professional master’s degree in the field of information security.

An agreement has also been made with the American University of Minnesota, which has an advanced international classification in the field of computing. Negotiations are underway with other international universities in other fields of study offered by the university. This is in line with the university’s strategic objective of “an internationally distinguished education in Egypt” by ensuring the quality of teaching and learning and harmonizing the study programs of students. study programs offered by the EUI together with the study programs and programs of foreign partner universities. .

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