Renovations, construction underway at Collin College McKinney campus

Renovations are underway on the Collin College McKinney campus. (Courtesy Collin College)

The McKinney campus at Collin College is being renovated to build a new visitor center, along with several other complementary projects.

Construction on the visitor center began this year and is expected to be completed by summer 2022, said Chris Eyle, vice president of facilities and construction at Collin College.

The new center will measure approximately 40,000 square feet and serve as a hub for student needs, including school board, course registrations and payments. The campus welcomed more than 4,600 students last fall, officials said.

“It’s that one-stop-shop, while the rest of the campus will be reserved for college courses itself,” Eyle said.

While that area is under construction, renovations will also take place in the existing campus food court in the main building, across the sidewalk from the visitor center, Eyle said. Renovations will be carried out in the kitchen and the dining room.

Another renovation to the campus is an addition to the college’s dental hygiene program that will allow more stations to be installed. This will help accommodate more students since the program is “extremely popular,” Eyle said.

The parking lot on the west side of the campus was also ripped off and the entrance was reworked so that the entrance leads directly to the new visitor center, Eyle said. About 500 parking spaces have been added to the newly developed parking lot.

“It makes navigation much more efficient and easier both as a pedestrian and as a vehicle, because the previous version… was very confusing when it comes to driving and walking,” said Eyle.

Once construction of the new visitor center is complete, crews will then demolish the old facility that was used for firearms training and qualification near the library. Eyle said those services moved to the college’s public safety training center in 2017, and the building was no longer being used, he said.

The building will be removed and the area it was in will be a green space, with all projects completed next summer, Eyle said.

Collin College McKinney (Central Park)

2200 W. University Drive, McKinney


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