JNTU-H students can take a break from their studies to try entrepreneurship

Hyderabad: Take a half-yearly break and try your hand at entrepreneurship?

In an innovative opportunity, this is what Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad (JNTU-H) offers its students who aspire to become entrepreneurs while studying on their own.

As part of the university’s new initiative, BTech students will be allowed to take a break from the program to launch start-up companies or product development, etc.

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These students will be allowed to take a break from their studies for a maximum of two semesters, preferably within one academic year.

The university’s new initiative will take effect from this academic year itself. However, in order to qualify for a study break, students must successfully complete all of the courses listed in the first four semesters.

Students wishing to temporarily withdraw from the program must apply with ample evidence detailing the seriousness of the business. This request must be submitted to the management of the college concerned for approval.

That aside, students will also be allowed to take a break from studying for serious health reasons. However, this must be approved by the director of the relevant college.

All cases of study termination must be reported to the university and approved by the vice chancellor, the JNTU-H recently said.

Earlier this year, the JNTU-H announced the launch of the University Student Startup Policy under which students will be allowed to work on innovation / problem validation prototypes, case study reports, projects on open issues in addition to participating in social entrepreneurship. from the first year to obtain credits equivalent to a mini-project.

For large projects, students will be allowed to work in incubators and TBIs, MSME centers, constituted / recognized by the university.

The policy also gives students the option to apply for special elective courses instead of open electives, as required by entrepreneurs.

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