USDA to invest nearly $ 2.7 million to improve access to telemedicine and distance learning

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Acting State Director of Rural Development for Kansas Dan Fischer announced today that it is investing $ 2.688 million to help rural residents access health care and educational opportunities. These Kansas projects will benefit more … than 100.000 rural residents.

Broadband gives rural Kansas residents easier access to more resources, ”said Fischer. “These investments by the Biden administration will help Kansans living in rural areas access health care and education opportunities that could change and save lives.

today announceis part of a larger national announcement which includes $ 50 million for 105 rural distance learning and telemedicine projects in 37 states and Porto Rico. These awards are funded by the USDA’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) program. This program helps fund distance learning and telemedicine services in rural areas to improve access to education, training and health care resources that are otherwise limited or unavailable.

The details of the four Kansas projects are:

  • The Diocese of Dodge City will receive a grant of $ 824,630 for three schools to provide high quality distance learning services. The three schools are Holy Family School, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Sacred Heart School, which together serve approximately 300 students. This project provides real-time interactive telecommunication distance learning materials to deliver substance use prevention education and training to students living in Big turn, Ellinwood and City of Ness. This project will also help connect rural schools to support rural residents of southwestern Kansas.
  • The Kansas Department of Corrections will receive a grant of $ 858,650 to build a telemedicine and distance learning network among 19 counties. This project will expand Internet connectivity for distance education programs and behavioral health services in adult correctional facilities in Winfield, Norton, Stockton, Eldorado, Oswego, Ellsworth, Learned and Lansing. The project will provide 7,600 correctional residents with the opportunity to access education programs, teaching resources, and secondary and post-secondary education, while expanding access to therapeutic and support services for those living in the city. help in their recovery process.
  • Pawnee Mental Health Services will receive a grant of $ 579,186 to expand user sites in Clay, Cloud, jewel, Marshal, Mitchell, Pottawatomy, Republic and Washington counties. This project will improve the existing telehealth technological infrastructure and create new partnerships with rural hospitals, prisons and the Pottawatomie health service, to improve access to mental health care for 70,000 residents.
  • Morton County Health System will receive a grant of $ 426,102 to purchase and install stationary and portable medical examination equipment to serve residents of rural areas of Morton County, Kan. and Cimarron and texas counties in Ok so. The project will provide advanced diagnostics and care to patients, in addition to opioid and drug addiction education. The total number of rural residents who will benefit from the project is estimated at 144,000.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Today too announced a significant expansion of access to high-speed Internet, health care and education services for millions of rural Americans across the country.

At Nov. 24 USDA will start accepting applications until $ 1.15 billion in loans and grants expand the availability of broadband in rural areas. USDA makes funding available through the ReConnect program.

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