Auglaize County Election Results for November 2021


Chairman of St. Marys Council

James J. Harris (R) `782

Buckland’s Council (4)

Scott May`35

David Spradlin`36

Adrian F. Sunday`35

Jessica M. Wegesin`34

Buckland’s Council, term not expired

Penny Heil `35

Cridersville Council (4)

Dylan Lauck`103

Dorance Thompson`120

Eric M. West`130

Council of Ministers (4)

Curt Albert`634

Forrest Kitzmiller`299

Craig G. Oldiges`633

Craig Sherman’575

Travis C. Wilges`615

New Bremen Council (4)

Dennis E. Burnell’281

Dan Condon`268

Tess Elshoff’271

Jessica Lomakin’264

New Knoxville Council (4)

Carolyn Bock`108

Brian Jones`106

Duane Stienecker`105

1st parish of St. Marys

John A. Bubp (R) `223

Write in 5

St. Marys 2nd Ward

Kyle A. Schmehl`81

David A. Lunz’133

Ashley Randolph ‘204

3rd Parish of St. Marys

James S. Christman (R) `132

St. Marys 4th district

Robin Willoughby (D) `72

St. Marys General Council (3)

Robert J. Fitzgerald (R) `625

Dan Uhlenhake (D) `617

Todd Fleagle (D) `594

Treasurer of St. Marys

Kathy Fleagle`437

Frank Thomas`463

Wapakoneta 1st district

Ross D. Kantner (R) `193

Wapakoneta 2nd room

Dan Lee (D) `90

Wapakoneta 3rd room

Brandon Miller (R) `74

Wapakoneta 4th room

Chad A. Doll (R) `120

Chairman of the Board of Wapakoneta

Stephen E. Henderson (R) `477

General Council of Wapakoneta (3)

Chad Dunlap (D) `419

Terry Campbell (R) `406

John Sheipline (D) ‘285

Director of Law Wapakoneta, mandate not expired

J. Grant Neal (R) `474

treasurer of Wapakoneta

Barbara Steinke (D) `371

Waynesfield Council (4)

Deborah A. Ball’92

Ronda Knox`41

William Motter’84

Scott Newland`36

Timothy J. Walti’94

Jesselyn Winegardner`109

Vicki L. Zimmerman `71

Director of the Township of Clay (2)

Anthony Elsass`61

Jerry Shipp’71

Trustee of the canton Duchouquet (2)

Rick J. Place`662

Dwight Steinke`642

Director of the German canton (2)

David Albers`347

Robert Heitkamp`362

Mike Varno`147

Director of the Township of Goshen (2)

50 years of Brian Myers

Kip Wilcox`45

Jackson Township Administrator (2)

Kenneth A. Sommer`799

James Steinemann`787

Trustee of the Township of Logan (2)

Sam C. Kellerman`176

Mark H. Lee’204

Todd D. Place`94

Director of the Township of Moulton (2)

Dean Kentner`115

Patrick Schneider `121

Trustee of the canton of Noble (2)

Grant L. Shaner’193


Director of the Canton of Pusheta (2)

John J. Kaeck`76

Jim A. Schaub `86

Director of the Township of Salem (2)

Jeff Pratte`64

Richard L. Seibert`62

Director of the Township of St. Marys (2)

Chad Elshoff`699

Allen J. Imwalle`815

Syndic of the canton of Union (2)

Kelly Knutzen`115

Mark Waitman`118

Administrator of the Township of Washington (2)

Tim Becher`206

Nick J. Schoenlein`216

Director of the Township of Wayne (2)

Kevin L. Sidener`176

Larry W. Sutherland`227

Auglaize County Education Service Board (2)

Matthew Dwenger`1,638

Holly Turner`1 472

Auglaize County Education Service Board, term not expired

Mark J. Francis `1690

Overlap, Allen County Education Department Board (3)

David E. Mayer’77

Jo A. McConnell `117

Overlap, Allen County Education Department Board, unexpired term

Write in 5

Overlap, Midwest Regional Educational Service Center Board


Overlap, Mercer County Educational Service Center Board (3)

Jeff Davis`21

Tess Mescher’26


Overlap, Mercer County Educational Service Center Board, term not expired

Ryan F. Thompson `25

Overlap, Botkins School Board (3)

Neil Boerger`15

Jason Wendel`16

Scott A. Bayless `16

Overlap, Indian Lake School Board (2)

Shannon Reese `1

Overlap, Jackson Center School Board (2)

Kristine Mullenhour`10

Julie DeVine`8

Minster School Board (3)

Richard Bruns`760

Nick Rentz`703

Sandra Schulze `760

Overlap, Marion Local School Board (2)

Phil Moeller`24

Jesse Rose`24

New Bremen School Board (3)

Michèle Bambauer`396

Shelly Busse’298

Kurt W. Rammel`211

Suzanne L. Wells`351

New Knoxville School Board (3)

Shawn Egbert`234


Overlap, Parkway School Board (3)

Deborah L. Call`1

Mark Kimmel`1

Write `0

Overlap, Shawnee School Board (3)

Balyeat`9 clay

Scott Gephart`1

Kenny Gross`7

Marlena Schaaf `5

St. Marys School Board (3)

Karl Dammeyer`911

Chris Falk’895

Ron Wilker`992

Overlap, Spencerville School Board (3)

Elizabeth Klaus`95

Jim Kuhn’74

Nathan L. Pohlman`104

Clarke Prichard `91

Overlap, Upper Scioto Valley School Board (3)

Jason Rohrs`0

Travis Sanders`0

Logan M. VanHoose`0


Wapakoneta School Board (2)

Brian Cossel’978

Gregg Ruppert’1055

Waynesfield-Goshen School Board (2)

Kevin D. Ewing`291

David Pepple `300


New Village of Knoxville: Mill Renewal 2.0, Five Years, Fire and Medical Emergency Services

For ‘114

Against `14

Township of Jackson: renewal of 3 mills, three years, fire and medical emergency services

For ‘145

Against `18

Township of Logan: 1 factory replacement, ongoing services, fire and emergency medical services

For ‘214

Against `61

Minster village: renewal of 3 mills, 3 years, firefighters and emergency medical services

For “ 695

Against `90

Minster Schools: 1.05 mill renewal with increase (0.8 mill with 0.25 increase), five years, permanent improvements

For ‘671

Against `275

Township of Wayne: renewal of 2.5 mills, five years, emergency medical services

For “ 219

Against `53

Township of Wayne: additional 0.7 mill, five years, upkeep and operation of cemeteries

For ‘162

Against `109

Township of Washington: renewal of 2 mills, five years, fire and medical emergency services

For “108

Against `19

Overlap, Spencerville schools: 1% tax renewal, five years, current expenses

For `93

Against `61

Overlap, Shawnee Schools: Plant Renewal 5.87, Five Years, Emergency Requirements

For “ 6

Against `6

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