Tailgate Tales: Taylor Weitz

Weitz decided to step away from the dance team for his senior year in order to enjoy his final semesters at College Park with as much freedom as possible. This free time allowed him to reconnect with his family and friends and on match days and to attend the pre-match and post-match festivities as a fan rather than as an extension of the game. ‘team.

“Our tailgate setup is huge,” she explained. “There are feathered flags, there are televisions, grills, we kind of have everything; my father does everything for that. So that’s just the whole setup, and it continues even during the game. Some people watch the game, but some people stay outside, eat food and watch TV just if they don’t get tickets or something like that. This is the best tailgate configuration.

Family is everything to the Weitz, and their love for each other has become closely tied to the Terps in virtually every facet.

Football for my family and I is a big problem; it’s a family affair, ”Weitz said. I feel like it brings our family together, they’re from other states, we all get together and watch the game. So it’s cool to see how Locksley leads the team and brings them together as a family. The environment is just great.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Weitz family were forced to stay away from Maryland Stadium, but their fandom never wavered during their absence. They applauded the spectacular victory over Minnesota and the dominant victory over Penn State, but they are more excited to finally get back on the field.

“I’m just looking forward to the hype from the games,” Weitz said. “I think everyone is back and in this environment and loves to see all the football players come through that entrance to get on the pitch… I’m just excited and just the feeling of the game, and it’s going to be cool.”

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