“The Parrot Man: A Baseball Story”

follow the Washington Senators on the radio and in the newspapers during their years playing at Griffith Stadium.

The Parrot Man originates from a bedtime story the author created for his own children in the late 1950s during a difficult transition season for his family.

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PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA, USA, Nov 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Channeling the comforts of baseball games and baseball in general has provided him throughout his long life, the 94-year-old author for MacKnight Black’s first time “The Parrot Man: A Baseball Story” is an engaging story for parents and kids of all ages.

It is a light and touching coming of age story about the power of baseball to comfort and the value of compassion, community and generosity. The Parrot Man originates from a bedtime story the author created for his own children in the late 1950s during a difficult transition season for his family. More than sixty years later, his family encouraged him to publish this homemade healing story in the hope that he will raise others.

Although the title “The Parrot Man: A Baseball Story” suggests that it could focus solely on baseball, the book’s content and overall message falls far short of it. The Parrot Man addresses several important topics in the lives of young people: the need for belonging and acceptance and the pain of rejection; the fleeting satisfaction of the impersonal attention of others; and baseball’s role as a satisfying distraction, as a way to bond with mentors, and as a pathway to an awareness of greater beauty in life. Ultimately, “The Parrot Man” is about growing a child into adulthood who surprisingly and unexpectedly learns that it is by giving that we receive.

This story begins with little Barney who begins his youth in an orphanage in Baltimore. Never adopted to join his own family, Barney learns that his real father was an outstanding major league baseball player. Although Barney faces obstacles in achieving his dream of being a successful baseball player, that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of attending major league baseball games at Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC, home of his beloved Washington senators. Barney’s journey leads him to discover a new way of participating in the game, becoming “the parrot man,” a role that gives him a long-sought purpose and sense of belonging.

But as Parrot Man’s reputation as a rowdy fan grows and he zealously pursues his quest to catch a foul ball, he feels more and more helpless. Something is missing. At a night time game, the parrot man meets a father and son sitting next to him who use baseball in a different way – to renew their relationship amid an uncertain time. They exchange realizations of new meanings and the enhanced beauty of nighttime baseball. When the Parrot Man is suddenly given another shot at baseball glory, what choice does he make?

This slightly informative book will appeal to both adults and children. The Parrot Man takes readers on a whimsical and transformative baseball journey as Barney searches for his place in the adult world. What he learns and the place he ultimately finds is surprising, tender and timeless. Unusual for a children’s story, the book includes a very informative epilogue by the author’s son on professional baseball at Griffith Stadium in Washington, which adds useful context to the Parrot Man story.

MacKnight Black attended Episcopal Academy in suburban Philadelphia and graduated from high school at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut. MacKnight also earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Princeton. He was a peace officer for the Children’s Society in New York, representative of book publishers at prestigious McGraw-Hill universities and colleges, and became the first administrative officer of the Title 1 program of the Department of Education of United States which supports the education of economically disadvantaged and academically disadvantaged children.

Parrot man
Written by: MacKnight Black
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