The apprenticeship program seeks to teach students to work in a factory or factory

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Nearly half of U.S. businesses report a lack of skilled labor, and the Machine Operator Apprenticeship Program in Minidoka and Cassia County is working to meet this need.

“A two-year course for juniors and seniors in high school, they go through heavy safety the first year of class, safety training, OSHA certified at the end of the school year, coming in summer, they get an apprenticeship program at either High Desert Milk, McCain or PCA, ”said Tory Bailey, the course’s instructor.

In addition to going to school full time, this program offers employment opportunities at local facilities or university scholarships.

“I would say he’s a driven person, these successful students, they come to class early before school starts, for two years, they’re an amazing bunch of people,” Bailey said.

Sebastian Juarez joined the program in 2019 and finished in May 2021, and he now works full time at High Desert Milk. He says he joined the program because he saw it as a great opportunity.

“I saw this as an opportunity to get a job right out of high school, and I’ve heard of High Desert Milk, I’ve heard of McCain, I’ve heard of PCA, and so I was like you know what i’m gonna shoot my shot and see if i can get it, ”Juarez said.

Juarez encourages anyone interested in the program to apply, especially if they’re not sure what to do after high school.

“It’s knowledge that people would pay dearly for, and the school district is willing to give it to you, which is great. I encourage the youngest to do it, you never know you could get there, I joined this program in 2019 and I am employed full time in 2021 ”, said Juarez.

If you are interested in applying, talk to your high school counselor or counselor and they will be able to prepare you with the application.

You must be a student of Minidoka or the Cassia County School District.

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