Acquire essential professional skills with a university education in liberal arts

A liberal arts college does more than prepare you for a variety of careers. The communication, analytical and problem-solving skills and knowledge acquired through your liberal arts training can also help you stand out in your future workplace.

An online survey from the Association of American Colleges and Universities attests to this. He found that over 90% of employers consider these skills to be more important than a particular specialty. Employers also agree that broad knowledge and specific skills are important for the long-term professional success of recent graduates in their respective organizations.

There are many advantages to taking liberal arts training. The broad and diverse nature of the program means that students gain an interdisciplinary perspective and cross-cutting skills by studying different subjects in broad areas – an asset in today’s agile world. It also offers students the opportunity to study an area that interests them for a more rewarding education.

Ultimately, a college liberal arts education can equip students with essential workplace skills. If you’re looking for a liberal arts college that offers all of the above, in addition to opportunities to bond with faculty and fellow students, these four institutions will be great choices:

Laurent University

The beautiful grounds of the Lawrence University campus covered in snow in winter. Source: Lawrence University

Founded in 1847, Laurent University – a residential liberal arts college and music conservatory in Appleton, Wisconsin – supported and hosted some 1,500 students from nearly every state in the United States and 37 countries to experience undergraduate arts training enlightening liberals.

Its 8-to-1 student-faculty ratio, one of the lowest in the United States, allows students to engage closely with their faculty and benefit from one-on-one learning and more collaborative opportunities. From laboratory research projects to one-on-one tutorials with a professor, students can expect a highly collaborative learning experience, which is rare in US higher education.

Lawrence’s impactful learning means students thrive long after graduation, working in a variety of fields that may be different from their undergraduate majors – a fitting testament to the extraordinary student-centered support. by Lawrence.

Lawrence is home brand programs that serve as a springboard for student success, including: two-semester first-year studies, engaged learning, the Chandler Senior experience and Life After Lawrence. Graduate Lewis Berger attests to the university’s prowess: “I got what I expected from Lawrence and more; not only academics, but also learn to contribute positively to the community.

With 65 fields of study for their three bachelor’s degrees, every student has a choice. Lawrence’s programs in Data science, Hard sciences and Economy, for example, offer integrated internships and research opportunities, in addition to providing students with access to excellent internships in graduate and vocational schools. Collectively, these experiences make it one of the best liberal arts colleges in the United States.

Haverford College

College of Liberal Arts

Stunning fall foliage at Haverford College. Source: Haverford College, Facebook

Located in Philadelphia, Haverford College – founded in 1833 – has more than 1,400 students, 98% of whom live on its beautiful 216-acre campus. About 45% of students identify as people of color, which gives Haverford its inclusive and multicultural character.

Haverford students can participate in several unique traditions such as Customs, a unique orientation program that helps students bond with other students during their first year of college and beyond.

The Haverford Code of Honor is another tradition that encompasses both the academic and social spheres of life. It is not a set of rules, but a document where students present the ideals and expectations of current students on campus. With the honor code, students can benefit from non-proctored tests, schedule their own final exams, take advantage of the absence of RA in dormitories, and benefit from the absence of a registration deposit for admission.

In addition to these traditions, Haverford also has a low student-faculty ratio of 9: 1, allowing students to benefit from more personalized learning. It also means that students can actively participate and work with professors on high-level research, which is the heart of the classroom experience.

There are 675 courses available at Haverford. They also boast a unique four-college exchange program with Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania, allowing Haverford to retain the strengths of the small college experience, while providing students with the resources and opportunities usually found at a larger university.

DePauw University

College of Liberal Arts

DePauw University is one of the prettiest college campuses in the United States, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Source: DePauw University, Facebook

As the best national liberal arts college in Indiana and one of the top 50 liberal arts universities in the United States, DePauw University – created in 1837 – attracts more than 1,700 students, 13% of whom are international.

DePauw has a small student-faculty ratio of 8: 1, which allows students to work with faculty as mentors on research solutions to global problems. In fact, according to a survey of young graduates, 97% of students were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their faculty.

DePauw offers a wealth of support and resources for students. These include the Honor Scholar and Fellows Program, immersive programs where top-notch faculty and talented students dive into the disciplines and work alongside industry leaders for a stimulating and transformative experience. Students can also study abroad and choose from a wide range of off-campus programs in over 45 countries, including summer and semester studies abroad.

DePauw’s campus is located on 695 acres of land. Its location in Greencastle, Indiana means the campus is just a 40-minute drive from Indianapolis, a metropolitan area. The nearby 520-acre nature park provides students with access to natural landscapes, including fields, forests, and one of Indiana’s largest waterfalls. In fact, the DePauw campus is ranked among the 50 most beautiful campuses in the United States.

In terms of accommodation, DePauw students can choose from first-year residences, Greek houses and upper-class accommodation with on-campus dining choices, allowing them to experience a close community bond. .

Bard College

College of Liberal Arts

Bard College in the fall. Source: Bard College, Facebook

For 160 years, Bard College offers an innovative undergraduate liberal arts program. Some 1,900 students come to the main campus in Annandale, New York. The Bard network includes campuses in three US states and one in Berlin, Germany.

Undergraduates at Bard can study in four divisions – Arts; Languages ​​and literature; Science, Mathematics and Computer Science; and humanities – and engage in traditional and interdisciplinary academic activities.

All first year students follow a common curriculum that includes the Language and Thinking program, the first year seminar, and citizen science courses. Moderation is an important feature of Bard’s education program in which students assess their record and plan a future program of study. There is also a senior project, an original, individual and targeted project resulting from the cumulative academic experiences of the student.

Bard also boasts of a low student-to-professor ratio from 9: 1. This means that students can benefit from personal interactions with Bard’s distinguished faculty who are academics, counselors, and instructors. Bard also does not have any graduate teaching assistants.

The Bard campus has over 50 student residences, most of which are co-ed and staffed with resident peer counselors. Students can also access the Center for Student Life and Advising – which provides academic and personal advice as well as mentoring to students throughout their time at Bard. There’s also the beautiful Montgomery Place, a 380-acre estate overlooking the Hudson River.

* Some of the institutions featured in this article are Business Partners of Study International

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