CommArts offers a research grant to a graduate student

Sophie hudzik

The College of Communication and the Arts awarded a research grant to Sophia Hudzik, a graduate candidate from the Museum Professions program. This scholarship was founded in 2019 by Renee Robinson, Ph.D. and Ryan Hudes, Ph.D., who envisioned this scholarship as one that represents the continuous evolution and innovation of the graduate program portfolio of the Middle School. The scholarship provides potential and current students the opportunity to explore research outside of the classroom and to collaborate with a graduate faculty member to pursue topics of interest.

A second year student in Museum Professions and a practicing museum educator since 2016, Hudzik has a background in anthropology and public archeology. “In the program, I hope to hone my writing skills and learn more about designing exhibits and experiments, with the intention of returning to research-based practices like oral history and others. types of fieldwork to inform my museum career, ”she said.

Hudzik works closely with Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D., director of the master’s program in communication, and James Kimble, Ph.D., professor of communication, on various research projects. Kimble commented on Sophia’s efforts, which involve launching a new college newspaper called Façade studies at home. “So far, Sophia has researched potential manuscript reviewers and shortly I will be asking her to move on to creating profiles for the Editorial Board reviewers in the journal’s online interface,” said Kimble said. “Sophia has quickly proven to be a diligent and conscientious worker who is enthusiastic about the process of academic research and publication. Her contributions to the new journal are already notable.”

Regarding his scholarship, which provides experiential learning opportunities with graduate faculty, Hudzik expressed his gratitude and hopes for the future. “Getting the opportunity to work with Drs Kimble and Tsuria has been a great research project and data management lesson,” she said. “Plus, I learn about their specialties and how they took their passion and affinity for their respective fields and made it a lifelong learning career.”

Tsuria expressed her praise for Sophia. “As I prepare to be the editorial director of Journal for religion, culture and digital culture, Sophia helps the journal by creating a database of academics in the field of digital media, culture and religion. She used her critical thinking skills to create the database categories and her digital search skills to find information about the researchers and the link between them. “

The College of Communication and the Arts currently offers three master’s programs, including museum trades, communication and public relations. In addition, four dual degree options including three accelerated BA / MA programs and a dual master’s degree with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations are offered.

For more information on graduate studies within the College of Communications and the Arts, please contact Ryan Hudes Ph.D.

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