Jamie Wolf and Angela Little Turn Businessmen into Authors

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a bestselling Wall Street Journal or USA Today author? Are you an expert in a certain profession or niche field? Are you convinced that readers could benefit from your knowledge? Well Jamie Wolf and Angela Little, the brains behind Million Dollar Story, agree and are here to help.

The two women joined forces six months ago to create a powerful coaching course that will help clients produce professional and compelling book presentations for agents and editors on their topic of expertise and create comprehensive manuscripts. in six months. Their background stories are as diverse as the future authors they work with.

Jamie wolf

Wolf, who founded Million Dollar Story as a solo project three years ago, calls himself an “accidental entrepreneur.” She co-founded a business to help her daughter fight diabetes. As she came from a strong corporate background, her world was turned upside down when her husband divorced and fired her from their company. She knew she had to stay strong and keep her daughter healthy.

She self-published a book on her story but had no idea how to market it. By learning how, the spark of Million Dollar Story was born, a way to help others write, publish and show their solutions to the world.

She also hosted a hard-hitting podcast titled “The Pivot,” where she interviewed successful professionals about business lessons learned, their toughest times, their most successful strategies, and more.

Its most popular episodes featured guests explaining how to rise above the noise, stand out in crowded fields, become a market authority, and how business failures can seem like the worst thing, but turn out to be in reality be the perfect direction of growth.

She loves hero travel stories that draw the curtain on how success really happens. Wolf said: “Entrepreneurs show their inability to give up. They have great resilience.

Angela Petite

Little has a solid background in marketing and healthcare as an entrepreneur and business owner. She’s also a Dedicated Extra Needs Mom who has shared her story and has inspired many into similar roles while also educating those who aren’t. His contributions focus on developing and maintaining a growth mindset, seeking clarity, setting goals, and building self-confidence as an expert and author through good habits. Its principles focus on the twinning of physical and mental health.

She describes Million Dollar Story’s ideal clients as Epic CEOs and Entrepreneurs, High Performers, C-Suite Executives, and anyone known to make a mark in their niche. “We’re looking for people who come into our world to clarify what they want to be known for,” Little said. “With that clear goal in mind, we can present them, through writing, to the world.”

First steps

These innovative founders realize that some entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable moving from unpublished experts to full-fledged authors. So they start their program with an easy little step.

They work with entrepreneurs to help them publish short books – business stories or articles – in blockbuster anthologies. In this way, each contributor to the book of works helps build, promote and co-advertise for each other. This system not only provides trust and an integrated audience, but it also creates a network of brilliant people with different areas of expertise and a similar purpose.

Middle ground

So what do these busy people have in common, and what do they have in common with Wolf and Little? In the opinion of the founders, entrepreneurs always bounce back. They never give up; they see setbacks as opportunities, and they work hard to instill in their clients that no one can take away their confidence – and that this is a real superpower.

By partnering with these two powerhouses, entrepreneurs will be able to put together their core offerings and produce a book by the end of it. Wolf and Little are passionate about the tangible benefits and clarity offered by their lessons.

Their programs are designed to suit those who wish to contribute to anthologies and write their own books. They also adapt to varying budgets and circumstances.

When the women first started talking about working together, they thought, “Let’s go help entrepreneurs work with the public – because they’re normally pretty great people who want to give back to others – and help raise them up.” “

And do they really believe that they can help any expert who comes to them for coaching? Absoutely. After learning to write educational bestsellers on her own, Wolf truly believes that becoming a bestseller is just an algorithm game. And these two ladies are ready to show you how.

About Jamie Wolf and Angela Little

Jamie Wolf and Angela Little founded Million Dollar Story to help pundits become writers. They offer different levels of coaching packages depending on the time, assistance and education needed. To learn more about how they can turn your expertise and ideas into a bestselling book, visit www.milliondollarstory.co

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