Educational cookbook guides families to healthier lives

Jan. 4 – MORRO BAY, Calif .– Health officials say it’s essential to introduce a healthy lifestyle from a young age. In Mariah Ecker and Teri Ecker’s first book, “Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook: A Nutrition Guide for Families,” the authors use their years of experience in health and education to build a roadmap for parents to teach their children the importance of healthy eating.

Throughout the picture book, readers of all ages will learn important lessons for improving a balanced lifestyle and enriching their English skills.

Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook is a guide that provides quality family time with activities that can be used for many years to come. From cooking to safe cooking skills, the authors come up with fun ways to imprint positive food values. Children will learn new vocabulary over the pages and learn how to prepare a delicious and healthy dish. Parents will understand how to help their babies and children develop healthy eating habits using these fun and interactive activities.

“My family and I have always had a passion for working with nonprofits and giving back to our community,” said Teri Ecker. “We released ‘Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook’ to give back to organizations as well as to provide an educational book that they can use to teach healthy habits. Readers will see that nutrition can be more than healthy. It can be fun. book can also help community literacy and nutrition programs by implementing our book as an exciting activity while learning new things. ”

“Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook” will take families on a journey of learning about food and eventually using that knowledge to cook healthy meals. Children will follow their friend Queen Bee as she teaches them the importance of health while spending time with loved ones.

Ultimately, the authors dot their professional journeys among the pages and share the importance of leading a healthy and balanced life. From butternut squash mac and cheese to zoodle soup, there are healthy recipes for all ages.

“Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook: A Nutrition Guide for Families” is available from Archway Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Mariah Ecker is a registered dietitian with a private practice who guides families in balancing the science of nutrition and mindful eating. Teri Ecker is a certified international English teacher with decades of teaching experience. Together, they created an educational nutritional guide for families. Their goal is to help community nutrition and literacy programs while making family time fun, leading to smarter, healthier and happier children and families. To learn more, visit

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