W&L Staniar Gallery’s Daily Ethics Mosaic exhibition opens January 10

University of Washington and LeeThe Daily Ethics Mosaic is an exciting new feature in this year’s Mudd Center for Ethics program, “Ethics in everyday life: how individual choices and habits express our values ​​and shape our world ”. This artistic project is a collaboration between the Mudd Center and the Staniar Gallery. W&L students, staff and faculty generated large-scale community artwork in a series of workshops held during the fall semester of 2021. The workshops were led by Richmond artist Jonathan Lee, whose socially engaged artistic practice has guided innovative and inspiring community projects such as Who is downtown and Study program laboratory.

“The mosaic project was an opportunity for members of our community to come together, after more than a year of pandemic-related disruption and isolation, to reflect and create together,” said Karla Murdock, Director from the Mudd Center.

“Taking the time to reflect on our own personal values ​​and ethics seems especially important right now,” said Clover Archer, director of the Staniar Gallery. “Art can be an accessible means of expression and communication; one that is open to everyone. This collaboration between the Staniar Gallery and the Mudd Center emphasizes these ideas.

Workshop participants filled out a workbook to prompt their introspection about their most important personal values ​​and how they can manifest in everyday life. They produced an individual work of art to visually represent their ideas, and once that piece was photographed, they worked in small groups to deconstruct the individual pieces and reconstruct them into a collective mosaic. The complete collection of individual and group works of art can be viewed online here.

“Since most of us are not used to making art, participating in the mosaic project was a low-stakes way to exert our creative and visual sides,” said Murdock. “Artistic creation can take us a half step outside of our comfort zones, which makes it an ideal way to stimulate meaningful introspection on our own lives and on how our values ​​can be expressed every day. Together, we have built a giant and magnificent expression of our individual and collective ideas on ethics in everyday life. I can’t wait for the community to see the final product.

The mosaic will be on display in the Lykes Atrium of Wilson Hall from January 10 to February 9, 2022. An exhibit will be held on January 25 to celebrate the completion of the project. The event will kick off in the Wilson Hall concert hall at 5:30 p.m., with an artist talk by Jonathan Lee followed by a reception across the hall in the Lykes Atrium.

Lee received his BA from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MA from Wayne State University. He is the Academic Support Librarian at Reynolds Community College. Lee’s studio practice explores ephemeral memory, secret stories and social constructs; often ignoring the activated materials. “My social practice [to art-making] is different from my studio practice because it is not exclusively focused on my interests or my choices, ”said Lee. “It depends on the involvement of others and is motivated by what they contribute. Each participant is a collaborating artist, applying their own imagination and point of view to the questions asked. My mission as a lead artist is to provide a flexible and solid framework on which individual and group experiences can be formed. These experiences make work possible.

The exhibition and related events are free and open to the public. All participants must be masked inside in accordance with the COVID-19 directives.

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