Counting the economic benefits of hosting Qatar 2022

Counting the economic benefits of hosting Qatar 2022

Dr Buthaina Hassan Al Ansari

Jan 24, 2022

In 2014, the president of the International Football Federation (FIFA) declared that football is the greatest economic project in the world and that no company generates more income than this sport.

Suffice it to point out that FIFA signed contracts in the amount of 1.5 billion dollars against the television broadcast of the World Cup in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. The statement of the FIFA President is one hundred percent true. Evidenced by US Treasury statistics showing that the sports industry ranks fifth in the US economy, with annual revenue reaching $67.6 billion in 1999 and rising to $155 billion in 2003, then to 500 billion dollars in 2012 and 2013.

It is currently estimated at 250 billion dollars, more than double what the automobile industry generates and seven times what Hollywood brings in.

We all remember that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil took place amid massive popular demonstrations and protests.

The demonstrators denounced the fact that the government is spending huge sums of money on construction projects for the World Cup without spending it on projects aimed at reducing poverty and treating the disease suffered by people living in a abject poverty. However, after hosting the World Cup, the country earned 113 billion dollars, six times what was spent on its preparations, the Brazilians today hope that their country will host the event again.

To better understand the role football plays in reviving the economy, it is stated that the number of FIFA-sponsored clubs is 300,000, with a membership of 240 million players, 30 million of whom are women. Moreover, the number of member states of FIFA exceeds the number of members of the United Nations.

One billion of the world’s 7 billion people live from this sport.

This introduction was necessary to enter into the economic benefits that Qatar derives from hosting the 2022 World Cup, and on the occasion of the unveiling of the countdown by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, indicating the beginning of the whistle after less than a year.

In principle, Qatar’s victory in the organization of the tournament has enabled it to bring in billions of investments to inject them into the Qatari economy, particularly in infrastructure, including sports, which is a huge development in this vital aspect.

Qatar is considered at the forefront of countries with highly advanced infrastructure, which is an undeniable fact today, although feeling that way will be more rewarding when the projects are completed and the tournament takes place. . After the end of the event and the return of the delegations and supporters to their countries, the fruits will remain for us.

The establishment of the tournament requires the achievement of unprecedented progress in the sector of vital services, at the forefront of which are tourism, hotels, transport and communication services. These are the frontline sectors that receive Qatar’s guests during the World Cup, and the economic performance of these sectors in general, and not just Qatar, is reflected in their contribution to a large percentage of GDP and to diversification. sources of income.

Specifically, Qatar Airways will make bigger than expected gains given the expansion of its flights to include all continents of the world, which has made it one of the main factors in revitalizing the Cup economy. of the world. The tourism sector, hotel services, a series of unique museums and the Qatar Foundation with its highly advanced institutions, will put our country on the map of tourist attractions.

An opportunity for traders in Qatar is placed on a golden platter as the trade sector will in turn experience strong growth. It is generally a habit that there is a global interest in everything related to the host country of the World Cup, starting with trade, the environment, the human element, the geography and everything that makes reputation of the host country. I hope businesses and merchants will be well prepared for the event, as the demand for these types of goods and services will be higher than expected.

There is another great gain not to be underestimated, which will have Qatar constantly talked about in international forums. It is in fact an economic, political and cultural gain, represented by the development of alternative and environmentally friendly energy sources, in particular solar energy which will transform the World Cup stadiums into an atmosphere conducive to activities. sports whatever the weather conditions outside.

This will allow Qatar to establish a permanent center for the development of alternative energy sources. We must bear in mind the international concern about the repercussions of climate change and global warming which has become a nightmare for countries.

Last but not least, Qatar has achieved the highest human development rates. Its youth acquired the best management and organizational skills. Doha has proudly earned the titles of the capital of sport, culture and conferences, and God willing, of the developed economy.

In conclusion, sports economics has become a module of study in some universities around the world, focusing on the study of sports activity from an economic point of view as an industry that has a supply and a request. So welcome to the World Cup and thank you to the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy.

Dr. Buthaina Al Ansari is a Qatari scholar and author. She has held numerous leadership positions in the public and private sectors and in higher education institutions, including Qatar University.

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