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Montebello Unified School District students who had four days off in January due to COVID concerns will catch up at the end of the June 13-15 school year.

School was due to end on June 10.

In a Wednesday, Feb. 2, email, Zepure Hacopian, deputy superintendent of human resources, said the additional days were needed to meet the state’s requirement of 180 instructional days for students. Since the district was already scheduled for 181 days, only three days had to be added.

“The three days will be part of the regular school year with regular school instruction and activities,” Kaivan Yuen, deputy superintendent of educational services, said Thursday. “As it is the end of the school year, like every year, there are end-of-year activities (assemblies, sports and other activities) that the students participate in.”

The district delayed the return from winter vacation for its students due to the omicron variant of COVID which was and is infecting thousands of people.

Superintendent Mark Skvarna said at the time that the delay gave the district enough time to acquire enough tests for all of its students.

Graduation dates will not be affected, district officials said.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, district graduations were held before the last day of school, Yuen said.

“For example, our high school students were returning to school to collect their diplomas and participate in end-of-year activities,” he wrote.

Yuen said he thought the students would always show up.

“Students would show up as they would at the end of any other regular school year,” Yuen said. “Students love being in school, and this is potentially a last chance for them to hang out with friends before heading into summer.”

Working the extra three days will be voluntary for teachers, but they will receive extra pay for the time, David Navar, president of the Montebello Teachers Association.

Navar said teachers agreed picking days in June was best, as opposed to working during spring break.

Marlene Ramirez, a parent at Bella Vista Elementary School, said adding days could affect families’ vacation plans.

Ramirez said his family often goes on vacation right after school ends.

There hasn’t been a problem this year because “when they announced the delay at the start, we knew something like this was coming,” she said.

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