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The division-wide Student Services Diversity Committee (SSDC) will be responsible for promoting diversity initiatives, programs, affinity groups, and services on campus and in the community across all student services. This committee will compile annual end-of-academic-year reports that include goals, accomplishments, and data regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across student services; develop a diversity professional development series in collaboration with campuses and community constituencies that includes varying levels of participation and a DEI certificate program; and develop a process for recognizing, sharing and promoting individual and departmental successes in the areas of diversity and inclusion (diversity, champions, mentorship awards, best practices, etc.). The committee will share its efforts in a centralized location on the Student Services website.

Committee chairs

Projects and members

  • Professional Development: Alexis Erwin, Aja Butler, Debbie Meyer, Elijah Robertson, Mary Ann Christensen
  • Reporting: Donnie Otto, Jennifer Lowman, Katia Albright, Mayra Sierra-Ruiz
  • Recognition: Dean Kennedy, Aja Butler, Devin, Melanie Lopez

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