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• Urges old card holders to update information
The Lagos State Resident Registration Agency (LASRRA), said yesterday that only 4.46 million residents had been registered.

The Chief Executive Mrs. Ibilola Kasunmu who disclosed it announced that the LASRRA card is being replaced by the new Lagos State Resident Identity Card (LAG ID) which has been integrated with more features and features that enable cardholders to enjoy and have access to faster and better state government services.

She said as part of efforts to reach more residents as the state hopes to issue 6 million cards by the end of the year, approximately 862 enrollment units would be enrolled statewide.

According to her, the new LAG ID card is a multi-application smart card that provides registered residents with access to services ranging from a means of personal security and identity verification to access points to various government services, applying for loans from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) to paying for services from multiple providers, including BRT and LagFerry, and cash withdrawals from automated teller machines (ATMs).

She therefore called on residents to initiate their registration on the LASRRA website and visit any LASRRA center closest to them for biometric capture to complete their registration for the new card LAG identity. Registration is absolutely free.

Kasunmu also urged those who registered in or before 2018 – and those who changed their name and/or address, to also visit the LASRRA website to upload their updated information and go to the nearest LASRRA center to complete the update process with biometric verification for the validation of the issuance of the LAG identity card.

On why those who registered before 2018 need to update their data to get the new LAG ID card, the LASRRA boss explained that the new card is embedded in a multi-applet chip module that stores updated biometric data and resident biometric details for real-time identity validation and verification.

”The old identity card with very limited functionality is being phased out and replaced by the multi-purpose smart card. Thus, holders of the old card must update their files to obtain the new GAL identity card, which is valid for five years. The new board enables more functionality to be integrated and extended usability given the rapidly changing technology trends.

“The impact of technology on the global identification landscape includes making it cheaper and easier to accurately identify people, as well as providing faster access to services. With the LAG identity card, our children can have easier access to educational services from primary to secondary through state higher education institutions.

”It will also make it much easier to access health services. The people of Lagos are all encouraged to seize this opportunity to facilitate faster access to state government services,’ she said.

Kasunmu described the LAG ID card project as a central part of the Lagos Smart City initiative, with essential purposes of infrastructure planning and distribution, security, social protection, financial inclusion and management of disaster and emergency response.

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