Germany ends academic collaboration with Russia over war in Ukraine

Germany said all collaboration with Russia in education and research was “immediately halted”, amid growing condemnation of its invasion of Ukraine.

The German Ministry of Education and Research noted that the Russian attack was “a serious violation of international law without any justification. There must be serious consequences.

“By its action, Russia has turned its back on the international community. For [Germany]this means that the long-standing cooperation in the field of science and research as well as in vocational education and training is immediately terminated, even if this cooperation is fundamentally in the interest of both parties and contributes to the solving global challenges such as climate change,” the ministry said.

“All ongoing and planned activities with Russia are frozen and subject to critical review. There will be no new activities until further notice.

The decision means German universities will freeze all research projects and other relationships with their Russian counterparts.

Prior to the ministry’s announcement, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) had described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “deeply distressing”.

“We are very concerned about the life and well-being of Ukrainian scholars and students. German universities will help them to the extent of their ability,” said HRK President Peter-André Alt.

“It is also foreseeable that these developments will cause serious damage to German-Russian academic relations. We will have to examine in detail the relevant consequences.

Many other universities and university associations in Europe and beyond have expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. Talk to Times Higher Education At the start of the invasion, Serhiy Kvit, head of Ukraine’s higher education quality assurance agency and newly elected rector of the National Academy of Kyiv-Mohyla University (NaUKMA), called on academics and institutions abroad to support his country and to “stand with Ukraine against [Vladimir] Putin’s regime.

He called on universities, academic institutions in Europe and around the world to make their voices heard and to ask their governments to act.

“You, our academic colleagues around the world, can [and] should be heard with your clear and strong message of support for Ukraine,” said Professor Kvit, former Ukrainian Minister of Education.

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