Syria welcomes Iranian technology and expertise for development

TEHRAN — Salam Safaf, Syria’s Minister of Administrative Development, said his country welcomes Iranian technology and expertise for conducting development projects.

“In many cases, there are necessary infrastructure and manpower in Syria, but we need the technology to be indigenized to implement development projects,” IRNA quoted Safaf as saying.

She made the remarks during a meeting in Tehran on Saturday with Hamidreza Tayyebi, the director of the University Center for Education, Culture and Research, an Iranian non-governmental public institution with a mission to present a native model of production of knowledge and technology. .

On February 21, Syria and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation in administrative affairs and the field of employment.

The note was signed on the Syrian side by Salam Safaf, and on the Iranian side, Maytham Latifi, assistant to the Iranian president and head of the Organization for Public Administration and Employment Affairs. The memorandum deals with cooperation in the field of administrative development and benefits from the experiences of both sides, especially in human capacity building and management, SANA reported.

Both parties also underlined the importance of working within skills training workshops that help to raise the level of administrative awareness using modern technologies.

Iran will launch production lines of knowledge-based products in seven countries, namely Turkey, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Iraq and Kenya, said Marzieh Shaverdi , director of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, in December.

The export support program for knowledge-based businesses includes empowerment, networking and financing, IRNA quoted Shaverdi as saying.

Export empowerment includes training and consultancy, provision of standards and export licensing, and intellectual property, she explained.

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology will provide special support to facilitate the export of knowledge-based enterprises with quality products over the next 6 months.

Due to the need for Iran’s presence in global technology markets and the high capacity of knowledge-based and creative enterprises, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has stepped into the field to open the way to global market presence, Mehdi Ghalehnoei, a vice-presidential official, said in October.

To this end, it has developed and implemented programs, policies and support packages related to export development, planning to attract foreign investment, the participation of Iranians abroad and the connection of national capabilities to the global market. This concerns.

The export of the technological products of Iranian knowledge-based enterprises is one of the important and key programs of the vice-presidency for science and technology, and in this regard, three innovation and technology houses have been inaugurated in Kenya, China and Syria.


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