SGA adds accommodation for deaf and hard of hearing students

Ty Boyle, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association has unanimously passed a bill requiring all student organizations that receive SGA funding to include closed captioning on public media presentations.

If student organizations do not provide closed captioning, they will lose their funding.

“These efforts will enhance the UA experience for the deaf and hard of hearing community on campus, and we are excited for organizations to use this resource,” said Sen. Luke Dille, one of the authors of the bill.

The University of Alabama provides optional closed captioning resources for instructors to use in the classroom, including disability awareness training and grants to create professional-quality closed captioning for multimedia presentations .

Alabama has one of the highest disability rates in the nation, with more than one in 10 residents reporting at least one disability. According to the Office of Disability Services, there are at least 30 hearing-impaired students enrolled at the University of Alabama.

“It is vital for organizations to use closed captioning in media presentations to ensure accommodations are met for deaf and hard of hearing students, and the SGA is proud to support this initiative to promote equity. for all students,” said SGA press officer Olivia Davis. in a report.

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