“We are the safety net for these children” All About Long Island Tutoring Services

Dr. Alesia Olsen, a lifelong educator, entered tutoring the same way most teachers do: she was looking for extra income.

But something else was going on in his life at the time; she was also writing her doctoral thesis. It was during his classes that the plight of Homebound Instruction students was brought up.

Thus began the seed of a partnership that culminated in Long Island Tutorial Services, which 10 years later is now an island-wide educational support powerhouse – with over 200 affiliates. certified.

Every day, some 40 tutors are in the field, working one-on-one with the students.

This area, mind you, stretches from Riverhead to Roslyn, Southampton to Rockaway, and includes juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers, or pediatric cancer wards in local hospitals.

Basically anywhere a student is in need.

That’s because the idea behind LI Tutorial Services is: All children should have access to top-notch educational services.

No matter the circumstances of their life.

“We are the safety net for these children,” says Dr. Olsen. “This is what we do.”

How it works

LI Tutorial Services works with students who cannot be in school for any reason, be it illness, injury, behavioral issues, drugs, and even runaways under court supervision. . To provide these services, the company contracts with local school districts.

On the other side of the business is private tutoring, or in corporate vernacular, VEST, an acronym for “Voluntary Extracurricular Student Tutoring.”

For parents who choose in-VEST, as they say, the company’s overall philosophy has resulted in a hard and fast rule for in-home tutoring hourly rates: It’s $60 per hour .

Again, they want their services to be affordable for as many students as possible, not just those from wealthy families.

“On top of that we have scholarships for parents who can’t afford it, all funded by donations from local businesses,” Dr. Olsen said.

“During the pandemic,” she continued, “people were charging $80, $90 an hour. Some tutors who applied to us were charging $100 per hour. So we’d say, “If you want to tutor a few wealthy kids or teenagers, this isn’t the place for you.”

She then pointed to a sign on a wall, the company motto:

“Where Students Come First.”

Of course, she explains, “due to the educational trauma of the last couple of years, there’s unfortunately a lot of work for people to do.” So, she continued, their tutors find a combination of flexible hours and competitive, sustainable compensation.

LI Tutorial Services also offers SAT and ACT prep for $75 per hour.

The good game

A major difference from other tutoring services and a real benefit for families is LI Tutorial Services’ ability to be flexible in exchanging tutors when needed.

Some troubled or opposite teenagers, for example, might respond better to a man than a woman, or vice versa.

Some guardians might not be able to emotionally handle the visit to this pediatric cancer unit. But when that perfect match is made, it can be a saving grace for a youngster.

Often the tutor becomes like family, especially if they are home several days a week, sometimes for months or years.

“We’ve had tutors who have been with students for several years, usually because they couldn’t go to school due to health issues and health issues,” Dr. Olsen said.

“You know you’ve had a good game when that kid and his parents want that same tutor to keep coming back.”

[Click here to contact LI Tutorial Services for at-home tutoring. Click here for school district information. Email [email protected] if you wish to apply.]

Long Island Tutorial Services office staff: Diane Davis, Angelina Harz, Miles Malone and Dr. Alesia Olsen. LI Tutorial Services is headquartered at 93 W. Main St. in West Sayville

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