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Morning Journal/ Liz Lehman Business Advisory Council panelists (left to right): Nikolas Peruchetti, Chloe Dowd, Benjamin Weber, Grant Minor and Isaac Kraft. Not pictured: Ryane Bing.

LISBON – At the Lisbon School Board‘s March meeting, Lisbon students from the Columbiana County Educational Services Center Business Advisory Council meeting group were invited to be honored for their attendance at the February meeting . The Lisbon School District hosted the event.

Superintendent Joseph Siefke said with COVID-19 cases declining in the region, now is a good time to start having visitors at meetings again. “So we thought it was as good a month as any to start that backup,” Siefke said, and welcomed the students and their families.

Five of the six students were present at the meeting. The members were Nikolas Peruchetti, Chloe Dowd, Benjamin Weber, Grant Minor, Isaac Kraft and Ryane Bing, who was not present at the board meeting.

Siefke congratulated the students on a job well done and said the students impressed the audience as they discussed their projects. The students were tasked with an anti-virus initiative as well as a Lisbon tourism webpage.

Student Benjamin Weber explained the web page project. He said that part of the group had worked to contact the companies, to involve them in the creation of the website. The other half of the band went into creating the website, he said, and it was a bit of a hard sell at first when they pitched the project. “It wasn’t as easy at first because we had no idea what we were basically doing,” said Weber. “A big issue was getting companies to agree that we could do this because we are, in fact, a group of college kids. So that was a challenge.

High school principal Keith Edenfield said the panel was created to give students a voice on the board. “We thought it would be great for them to hear from the students first hand,” said Edenfield. “I think for most if not all of them, it’s the biggest adult-only room they’ve spoken to before that day.”

Grant Minor admitted he was scared at first when he spoke. “My blood was pumping” Miner said. “I was nervous but it was a good time. They were a good crowd and they were attentive throughout.

Chloe Dowd agreed it was a little nerve-wracking. “But it was a cool experience to be able to speak in front of adults,” said Dowd.

Siefke congratulated the students for a job well done. “When they stick a microphone in front of you for the first time, it’s a bit difficult”, he said. “You all represented yourselves very well.”

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