Groveport Madison is planning big projects; the city also shares tax revenue with schools

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

The Groveport Madison Board of Education has approved a $990,136 contract with VSWC Architects for services on the district’s capital improvement project.

The project includes a new $4.6 million bus garage (which will be located on district-owned land at the northeast corner of Bixby and Hendron roads abutting Three Creeks Metro Park) and the repurposing of 4.2 million from the District Service Center – including a health center, drop-in center, social services, truancy officers, Franklin County Job and Family Services and community meeting space.

The project also includes $1.7 million for new roofs at Middle School South, Glendening Elementary and Dunloe Elementary.

“In partnership with Primary One Health, Groveport Madison Schools will use a $3 million state grant and $7 million from our federal stimulus funds to renovate part of the district service center to provide services extended beyond anything we thought possible,” Groveport Superintendent Madison said. Garilee Ogden. “This project will be part of a larger effort to move our transportation hub to a larger, off-site location. The first phase of the project will include the construction of the health center, where students and the community can obtain health screenings, vaccinations, physical examinations, primary care and comprehensive oral health and vision services.

She said there is “overwhelming evidence” that students who receive essential preventive and primary care services are more likely to be attentive and successful learners.

“Healthy students are better at all levels of academic achievement: academic achievement, behavior, cognitive skills, attitudes, and their ability to cope with and adapt to diverse life challenges,” Ogden said. “We are delighted to partner with Primary One Health and let you know that the new health center will open in March next year.”

Ogden said the second phase of the project includes the addition of behavioral health services, support for substance use disorders, health education, and the inclusion of services and supports from Franklin County Jobs and Family Services. The renovated space will include a District Welcome Center, where the district will relocate its registration office, social workers, and support for homeless families whose children attend Groveport Madison schools.

“We are excited about this opportunity and the potential positive impact it can have on our students, our schools, and the community of Groveport Madison as a whole,” Ogden said.

Photo courtesy of Groveport Madison Schools
Groveport Mayor Lance Westcamp and members of the Groveport City Council recently presented the Groveport Madison School Board with a City of Groveport Income Tax Revenue Sharing Check for $1.2 million. . This amount represents payments made in lieu of taxes paid on reduced properties in the City of Groveport over the past year. Pictured, left to right, are: Council Member Libby Gray, Council Member LaToya Dowdell-Burger, Mayor Lance Westcamp, Council Member Chris Snyder, Councilor Becky Hutson, Councilor Scott Lockett, Councilor Shawn Cleary, Council Member Kathleen Walsh, and Council Member Seth Bower.

City shares income tax revenue
City of Groveport officials presented a City of Groveport Income Tax Revenue Sharing Check for $1.2 million to Groveport Madison Schools on March 23.

According to Groveport Chief Financial Officer Jason Carr, the check is generated from “income tax deductions for businesses that can operate under Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) #1-5” .

Carr said the city issues income tax revenue-sharing checks to Groveport Madison schools once a year. He said the last time the city issued two income tax revenue-sharing checks in a year was in 2015.

According to Carr, since 1999 the city has shared a total of $21.9 million in income tax revenue sharing with Groveport Madison Schools.

“Our community is a great place to live and our schools help us succeed,” said Groveport Mayor Lance Westcamp.

Groveport Madison Schools Treasurer Felicia Drummey said the district appreciates the city’s efforts to ensure the school district is held harmless when it agrees to reduce commercial property.

“Income Tax Revenue Sharing is an unlimited source of revenue that is deposited directly into our general fund to support operating expenses,” Drummey said. “This revenue stream is included in the district’s forward projections and does not represent new funds.”

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