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The First Responders Children’s Foundation announced the Children of Heroes Scholarship on Thursday, which comes in partnership with music director Scooter Braun and his media company SB Projects.

The University Scholarship aims to support the children of frontline medical workers and first responders who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Application dates have not been announced, but students will be able to apply through the First Responders Children’s Foundation website.

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A total of $600,000 will be awarded through The Children of Heroes Scholarship over an eight-year period. Three students will be selected to receive tuition, tuition, room and board funding each year through 2030. Prospective freshmen and sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.

To be eligible, students must be the children of pandemic-affected first responders and medical personnel and demonstrate financial need, academic merit, leadership, volunteerism, and participation in extracurricular activities. Students majoring in business or entrepreneurship will receive a priority scholarship.

Jillian Crane, President and CEO of the First Responders Children’s Foundation. said in a statement: “Mr. Braun has been instrumental in supporting the First Responders Children’s Foundation and the children and families we serve. Today, being the child of a first responder often brings an element of sacrifice. We believe the Children of Heroes scholarship will open up a brighter future for many deserving children of first responders.

Braun continues to work with the First Responders Children’s Foundation after donating $5 million to the organization in 2020. The money was raised through streams and sales of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s duo “Stuck With U “. Funds from the gift provided 1,965 hardship scholarships to individuals and 283 college scholarships. The money also helped cover the costs of 108 funerals for first responders who died in the line of duty.

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