College students express concern over offline university exams

Maharashtra students are worried about mode of examination as university exams approach. State universities have the option of taking exams offline or online. As a result, universities differ in their examination methods and students are concerned about getting decent grades.

The majority of the curriculum is covered online and students now attend university in offline mode, making it difficult for them to work on projects and assignments while studying for offline exams.

Amit Kumar, a student from Mumbai, said, “80% of the curriculum is completed online, so why are the exams done offline? Informing about offline exams at the last moment is not the right thing. I am an engineering student and we have a lot of projects, assignments, submissions and labs but now after going offline for classes it has become so hectic for us to study and complete some homework at the same time.”

Some students live outside Mumbai but attend colleges affiliated with Mumbai University. These students now travel considerable distances, and there is still a lack of adequate transportation. Tanuj A, a final year student, said, “There is only one month left and the travel and accommodation is tough, and getting it to the end is even tougher. We have a mini-project, a final year project, submissions and an end of semester review, and we only have one month to complete them all.”

Many of them think that there would be gaps between students in traditional and professional courses which would give them an unfair advantage as Mumbai University conducts online exams for traditional courses but takes off-line exams. line for students of professional courses. Highlighting all of these issues, various student unions and activists are speaking out against the lack of uniformity in the state for the exam. They receive complaints from all over the state about the problems they are having.

“Although the academic year was in a hybrid mode, no one could deny the fact that learning was mostly done through online medium. We have multiple complaints from students that professors have showed less concern for teaching online rather than just dictating the concepts,” said Faisal Shaikh Vice President, NSUI (National Union of Students of India) Mumbai. “If learning was online, why can’t exams take place online? We say and strongly believe in Jaisi Sikhsha Waisi Pariksha,” he added.

Another activist had a similar view: “Some universities hold exams online and some offline,” said Saurav Saha, a student rights activist. “Why is there no uniformity across the country? Students’ concerns are legitimate and a fair decision should be made regarding the exam. They all deserve equal treatment.”

While all students and unions are expressing their concerns, directors and institutes believe that the offline mode is the only viable option in the current scenario. Minu Madlani, Principal of KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, said, “In all honesty, I think exams should be offline only. As academics, we must prepare students to excel in the competitive world. In times of severe pandemic, we had no choice. but to conduct exams online. But now that the situation has improved, there is no reason for us not to conduct offline exams and motivate students.

Students in Pune are also speaking out on social media about the injustice they face, using the hashtag #JusticeforPuneStudents, as colleges in the city are still holding offline exams.

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Posted: Sunday, April 10, 2022, 11:39 a.m. IST

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