Chi-Hi and CVTC Partners for Special Education Work Program

CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – For Chippewa Falls High School’s Special Education Department, this was the order!

Today, special education students from Chi-Hi worked with students from Chippewa Valley Technical College’s culinary program, applying skills learned in the classroom and at home to a real-time restaurant environment. The goal of the program is to better prepare students in the special education program for life after high school.

Tasks for this session of the program included taking orders, packing take-out orders and helping with the dishes, with other lessons to follow. Amanda Turner, transition coordinator for the Chippewa Falls School District, said she is grateful to CVTC staff and students for the variety of opportunities the program provides.

“The partnership has been great,” she said. “Chief Tok agreed to work together and find different ways to assess student learning. I think this has been key because not all students can demonstrate their learning on a sheet, not all students can demonstrate their learning by doing; sometimes they need a combination of both. Different visual opportunities… Just different opportunities to show their learning and more repetition with that to see how each learns best.

According to Turner, the hope is to branch out into other similar training programs for different job sectors.

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