The UNCP expands its academic partnerships with the ECU

PEMBROKE — Students graduating from UNC Pembroke look forward to furthering their education at the best graduate schools in our state, and ECU is an obvious choice. For years, and in many other programs, UNCP students have been admitted to ECU for masters and doctoral level studies. Academic leaders from both institutions recently met at ECU to sign a new agreement that expands on previous agreements and promises to grow further.

Initial areas of focus include the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Art and Design at the College of Fine Arts and Communication, the College of Nursing, and the School of Dentistry. The partnership will expand into other disciplines and program areas as the relationship evolves, said LaKesha Alston Forbes, ECU’s associate provost for equity and diversity.

Acting Provost Zoe Locklear said the two universities share a focus on regional service. She said the relationship between the two campuses has existed for a long time and it was right to formalize it.

“We live it every day, and I could name the names of many students who went to Pembroke for undergraduate and enrolled at ECU for graduate school,” she said. Many of them return to their home counties to serve the communities they came from as doctors, dentists and other professionals.

Under the agreement, ECU and UNCP will establish lines of communication designed to encourage collaboration and partnerships between university programs and faculties in research, scholarship, public service and other creative pursuits. .

“We share a desire to provide the people of our state and region with opportunity and access – access to new ways of thinking, access to diverse perspectives and opinions, access to better education and a better life – and it’s something that our colleagues at UNC Pembroke also share,” said Dr. Grant Hayes, Acting Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at ECU. “This partnership is truly a signal of our true commitment and our dedication to access.”

Current partnerships with ECU include Early Assurance with the Brody School of Medicine and a pathway to graduate programs in public health: Master of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health.

Dr. Richard Gay, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said, “We value our partnership with ECU as it provides additional pathways for our students to achieve their career goals; and collaborations like this strengthen and energize Southeastern North Carolina.

Collaborations with faculty are also preferred.

“Faculty at our universities work in such common areas so that we can collaborate on mutually beneficial grants and research projects,” adds Dr. Joanna Hersey, Associate Dean of Student Success and Curriculum at the College. arts and sciences.

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