SYRACUSE — As the Wawasee School Board meeting drew to a close Tuesday night, Superintendent Steve Troyer delivered his report focusing on maintenance repairs, preventative measures and equipment upgrades already begun. in places such as Wawasee Middle School.

One of the projects was to replace the end caps on the WMS roof and windows. The project gives the appearance of a facelift to the establishment.

James Flecker, director of financial and legal services, said: “They estimate we get about 15 to 20 years out of these roof caps. With the green caps added on top they said [the roof] should last the life of the building.

Not only do these upgrades provide an aesthetic improvement to the school, they are as practical as they are aesthetic. For the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, Troyer said the company can expect a total of 27 projects to be underway, including:

• Roof replacements.

• Pool upgrades for WHS and WMS.

• Modernization of science and art rooms.

• Repairs to the Academy.

• Security upgrades.

• Reconstruction of the well.

• Electrical repairs.

• An expanded pickup lot at Syracuse Elementary.

All of these projects are carried out to improve the general upkeep of the schools and ensure that they remain beautiful and functioning well for as long as possible.

He concluded that the five priorities of these plans are:

• Establish a 10-year plan for capital projects adopted by the school board and posted online.

• Place more emphasis on preventative maintenance and warranty registration.

• Provide easier helpdesk for staff maintenance issues.

• Create bulk orders and stock frequently used maintenance items to reduce downtime and unpredictable costs.

• Provide qualified training for head wardens.

Syracuse Elementary principal Eric Speicher presented the report card and celebrated Syracuse Elementary’s fifth year in the building, reminiscing about the first time he looked at the building seven years ago.

“This school needs a big gymnasium.” Speicher said many events take place in the gymnasium and the students love the space. The students, led by Kris Stump, played drums for the audience, and six students accompanied by Kim Jones demonstrated their skills in archery, a sport that has just arrived at the school this year.

Good news for the evening, WMS Principal Brent Berkeypile has completed his training with the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute. Other interesting news:

• The Indiana School Board honored the Wawasee School Board and President Don Bokhart with EGA awards.

• The WHS Academic Super Bowl team was in the State Top 10 in Class 2.

• DECA received $2,000 from the Korenstra Family Foundation.

• Wawasee Schools received $12,000 through the Connectivity Grant.

• Zimmer Biomet donated $1,000 to the robotics program.

• Wawasee FFA received $1,000 in scholarships.

• The winners of the Turn Around Award have been announced, including Zena and Zoey Schullerr, fifth-year twins at Milford; Ayden Girouard, a fifth-grade student at North Webster; James Hensley, a fifth-grade student at Syracuse; Klayton Losher, an eighth-grader at Milford; Antonio “Tony” Hepler, an eighth grader at WMS; and Courtney Cox, a 12th grader at WHS.

A resolution for 13 $50 Amazon gift cards for college students has been approved.

Troyer spoke of a policy change for transfer students, which included considering students who had been out of school for at least 12 months after bringing a gun to school. The policy has been approved.

North Webster Public Library board member LuAnn Kissinger submitted a letter of resignation, stating her last day was May 4. A new appointment has not yet been confirmed.

Approved transfers:

• Tamela Goff from Five Hours SES to SES Cafeteria Manager.

• Anna Mills moved from babysitter at Wawasee High School for five hours to babysitter at Milford School for five hours.

• Mariah Sainer from North Webster Early Learning Center Paraprofessional to Syracuse Early Learning Center Paraprofessional.

• Carrie Sturgill, from paraprofessional at the WHS Early Learning Center to lead teacher of infants and toddlers at the Milford Early Learning Centre.

It was announced that new teaching materials were to be adopted, moving to Get More Math via Cengage, National Geographic: Great Civilizations for sixth and seventh grades and Nation Geographic: US History American Stories Beginnings to 1877 for eighth grade. Flecker said it would be a cost-free move for book rentals, meaning there’s no change to what parents will pay for the books. The materials have been approved.

A draft of the new teacher evaluation plan has been released and approved, outlining the new, more productive method that Wawasee schools will use to better evaluate their teaching staff and better understand the results.

Finally, an overnight out-of-state trip was approved for the men’s basketball team to travel to Findlay, Ohio to attend Findlay’s basketball team camp. June 20 and 21.