Microsoft SharePoint Review 2022: Features, Pricing, and More

Organizing your business means not only managing a website, but also migrating and managing the majority of your files online. The right system to host your information should meet a few criteria:

At the very least, you should be able to download, edit, and share. These capabilities should be transparent and require little effort.

The Microsoft SharePoint application offers the basics of document management quite well in terms of capabilities and functions, but going paperless should be more than just putting documents online.

Using the document archiving tool should be easy to use and require minimal effort to navigate, which is where SharePoint falls short.

Who is Microsoft SharePoint for?

Like many content management systems and online organizers, Microsoft SharePoint is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (as well as some large organizations) looking to securely upload documents and get the most out of CMS tools in all categories.

Microsoft SharePoint Features

Microsoft SharePoint software has strived to include a set of useful features that bolster a digital storage option and integrate with other productivity and office software. There’s a lot to be said for the capabilities and customizable add-ons to set this tool apart.

Co-author and share files

Just because someone on your team uploads a document doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can edit or download it. You can even have multiple authors live editing the same document at the same time.

Offline synchronization

Of course, you can use Microsoft SharePoint online, but there is also an offline synchronization feature that will save your life when it comes to working without the Internet. You can sync later or just work straight from your desktop without needing to open a browser.

At the same time, SharePoint does all the work to make sure the online domain matches the updates you’ve made on your own device.


Since you’re building SharePoint from scratch, you have the freedom and ability to customize exactly how you want things to be. Just like building your business website, you can incorporate your branding and logo, as well as select the features and integrations that matter most to you.

There’s a whole library of additional apps you can integrate with your SharePoint. Image source: author

Guest access

Sometimes a good communications strategy isn’t exclusive to your own team members, and you need to share content outside of the organization.

SharePoint is set up to make it easy for you, with the ability to allow external guests to collaborate on a single document, part of an entire site, or even as a guest in a team.

The SharePoint Relationships Settings page showing toggles to enable different levels of guest access and permissions.

With SharePoint, you can limit (or expand) guest access permissions. Image source: author

Easy software integration

It goes almost without explanation that SharePoint integrates seamlessly with your fleet of Microsoft desktops. You can instantly sync Outlook and OneDrive storage so that files that are already in e-reader aren’t lost.

But just because it’s made by and for Microsoft doesn’t mean your integration options aren’t limited. You can use it with just about any CRM system with just a few extra steps.

Task management

You can take a leap in efficiency by combining the functionality of external organization apps in SharePoint, thanks to its task management feature. With this, you can assign projects and track your team’s progress.

This is particularly useful not only for keeping document updates and the like on track, but also for ensuring that larger to-do lists are in order.

Organization news

Keeping your organization up-to-date is also made easy with an optional News Feed. You can upload documents and share updates in a newsfeed to keep everyone informed.

The SharePoint News Feed to add news items and add pages to your site.

Add news to a recurring feed so your whole team can see it. Image source: author

The ease of use of Microsoft SharePoint

It’s not that Microsoft SharePoint is a highly technical or ultra-sophisticated technological system. Still, there’s just something about its usability that’s more often frustrating than intuitive.

There’s a learning curve to get started, and you may even need a developer or professional help to install and customize it.

Although Microsoft has made great strides in making the installation and configuration process easier, and the initial build is relatively simple, customization still takes a bit of time and will require more man-hours than expected.

Start icons: share your site, add apps, customize your style, etc.

SharePoint helps you get started on your home dashboard. Image source: author

Once running, it does its job well enough, but there are superfluous and unnecessary steps and hoops to jump through. You’ll get the job done, but with a few too many clicks, confusing search limitations, and, more often than not, too many windows.

It is not difficult to understand the layout of functions in SharePoint, as everything is labeled and organized appropriately. So while you might have to search a bit to get where you need to go, you don’t feel like things are hidden away or mislabeled.

Microsoft SharePoint Pricing

When it comes to Microsoft SharePoint pricing, some enterprise budgets may also run into some issues, depending on the number of users and the level of customization. This is something to keep in mind in relation to your business overheads and metrics.

Since you’re not buying SharePoint on your own, you technically need to subscribe to Office 365, although you don’t necessarily need to download or install any other software in the fleet.

From there, SharePoint starts at $5/month per user, then $10/month per user for the top tier, and finally $20/month per user for the E3 option. Your base plan includes a full TB of storage and is recommended for small to medium businesses. this should be fine for most organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint support

Since SharePoint is part of the Microsoft family, you benefit from a fleet of professional and intelligent representatives, as well as a library of resources, tutorials, how-tos, and more. as part of your Office 365 package.

Because Sharepoint is an Office 365 offering, you’re guaranteed a support experience and more resources than you can find with smaller competitors, and with longer customer support hours (literally 24 hours a day). 24).

Featured SharePoint training materials: basic training, introduction to SharePoint, creating sites, sharing and synchronization.

Office 365 resources highlight the most useful SharePoint items. Image source: author

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

An important advantage of Microsoft SharePoint is, without a doubt, its ability to be customized for your own organization.

This means that not only will your document storage aesthetic feel like a natural extension of your site and brand, but you’ll also be assured that your setup only includes the capabilities you actually need.

Another win for Microsoft SharePoint is its almost unmatched collaboration capabilities. Whether in-house or even with guests outside your organization, the capabilities for co-authoring, co-editing, and bulk file uploading are robust.

SharePoint also follows the rest of Microsoft’s fleet in taking security seriously. Multi-level encryption and security features are designed to protect your most sensitive information. You can even access your settings to provide additional protection and restrictions for specific policies and documents.

SharePoint Security and Compliance Policy Templates, detailed in Medical and Health Protection and HIPAA Protection.

Create policies around security to better protect sensitive HR and medical information. Image source: author

Plus, you have the power of Microsoft behind your support system, which means you have access to round-the-clock support.

Microsoft SharePoint is a multifunctional storage solution

The extensive capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint should not be minimized. If functionality, customization, and enhanced functionality are your main concerns when it comes to digital file storage, this might be your best system.

However, there is a good part that can be improved with ease of use and intuitive actions. So if a user-friendly (and possibly cheaper) solution seems more appealing, it’s probably best to explore other options.

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