NMMC schools will teach environmental awareness with green initiatives

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES will no longer be just a subject in the civic schools of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC). Based on the concept of schools in the Netherlands, NMMC decided to develop green schools where structural and other changes will be implemented to teach environmental safety by example. The civic body aims to introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle to children through this initiative.

NMMC will identify four schools where a pilot project will begin beginning with the school year beginning in June. Projects such as solar energy, composting, water harvesting and waste recycling will be implemented in these schools.

NMMC Commissioner Abhijit Bangar said that the bludgeoning of various environmental activities will have a demonstrative impact on the minds of students at a young age. “Instead of just giving lessons on the importance of the environment and organizing few activities once in a while, a green school means bringing about a change in the way of life of these children, who will form the next generation”, he said, adding how there is such a school in the Netherlands keeping in mind to create the next generation of the population where individuals proactively make lifestyle changes that support the environment .

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Elaborating on the plan, Bangar said: “Increase the size of classroom windows to ensure more sunshine and good ventilation, install solar panels, install a composting plant in the school premises so that leftovers tiffin and other green waste can be processed, and the practice of on-site plastic waste collection will take place in these schools. It will help the environment, but the goal here is to make it a regular practice for the younger generation.

Activities and competitions will also be planned around it. “For example, children can be asked to pick up plastic objects. Once brought in, children can be asked to think about how they can be recycled,” he said.

The four schools will be selected from across the state. The plan calls for it to be extended to all 75 schools operated by NMMC. The expenses will be covered by the regular maintenance budget of the civic schools.

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