Srinagar Smart City Limited Holds Interactive Session at IUST

Extending its focus on community awareness, the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) on Thursday held a special conference jointly with the Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL) on its development projects. On this occasion, General director – Planning and Urban Development in Srinagar Smart City Limited, Anuj Malhotra was the distinguished speaker and the session was led by the Dean’s Office, School of Engineering and Technology and IUST School of Architecture and Planning.

Mr. Malhotra shed light on various projects carried out by Srinagar Smart City Limited and the organization’s approach to solving the city’s problems and the place-making methods incorporated in their exercises. He also highlighted the role of civil society in the participatory development of Srinagar.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Shakil A. Romshoo, chaired this session, appreciated the role of Srinagar Smart City Limited and the efforts exerted by the distinguished guest and his team in the development of the city. He also encouraged students to resume their academic projects in place of the issues and projects identified by Srinagar Smart City Limited so that they become partners in community development work.

Also present during the session were Dean Outreach, Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Bhat, Director of CIED, Dr. Parvaiz Ahmad Mir, Associate Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology, Dr. Rumaan Bashir, members of the faculty and students in the Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Government. Polytechnic College, Pulwama.

This lecture session was followed by a highly interactive session with students and scholars.

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