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Education Minister Manish Sisodia announced on Friday that the next Delhi University of Skills and Entrepreneurship (DSEU) will start admitting students from the next academic session (2022-2023) and said that the university would not enroll students based on their grade 12 results; Rather, target schools to identify students’ interests, talents and mindset for entrepreneurship.

The Delhi government established the DSEU in Dwarka last year. The university will offer 12 employment-focused undergraduate courses including a bachelor’s degree in digital media, a bachelor’s degree in business management, a bachelor’s degree in data analysis, and a bachelor’s degree in aesthetics and beauty, among others.

Initially, the university will host 6,000 students, of which 4,500 will be enrolled in degree courses and 1,500 in degree courses. It will conduct an aptitude test in December or January on the basis of which the students will be selected.

In a statement released by the Delhi government on Friday, Sisiodia said: “The DESU admission process will be such that the university will go to schools to extend admissions to all children who wish to participate in learning skills. . The DSEU will organize aptitude tests during the months of December / January and based on the results of the tests, students will be admitted. DSEU will focus on conducting a 360 degree assessment. While most universities continue their old practice of admitting students based on grades, DSEU will be the first university in India that will focus on the general interests, talent and mindset of students. Such a practice is new in India but is not unpopular abroad.

“Universities such as Oxford in the UK admit students based on the courses and projects they complete, not based on board exam scores. Likewise, our children can now be sure that they will be admitted to a university that will not focus on their grades but on their intention and interest in studying skills and becoming entrepreneurs, ”said the education Minister.

On Friday, Sisodia also interacted with Delhi public school principals, DSEU Vice-Chancellor Neeharika Vohra, and MP Atishi Marlena, via a webinar to discuss the university’s admission plan. “The goal of this university is to give confidence to every student, whatever their caliber. Generic undergraduate courses do not encourage our students to become entrepreneurs. We cannot think that our children will take generic and archaic classes to be ready for the future. They must be endowed with the appropriate skills… ”

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JMCSS says CWY students to enter school by August, not 45-day plan Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:09:04 +0000

Less than a month ago, the Jackson-Madison County school system introduced a 45-day three-part plan for moving into furniture and equipment and starting school at the renovated Jackson Central-Merry High which is reopening as a 6-12 grade school and the new Madison Academic.

Even if construction is completed on time at these facilities – which have been negotiated and are expected to reopen in August – the school would not start until October but no earlier than September, according to the original 45-day transition plans created by the school system. . These plans indicated September dates only if CWY had priority over the delayed construction of Madison.

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But after announcing these plans – which led the JMCSS leadership to deliberate on dates from September to late October – Superintendent Marlon King decided he wanted the students to be integrated into the renovated CWY sooner, because its completion was more advanced than that of Madison and makes it a building.